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[12.06.26] Video HD - T-ara @ Han Love


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Love seeing them play games. With all their hectic schedules, it's nice to see them having fun.

If anyone is wondering why Boram isn't there. I'm guessing this is a prerecording from around the time she got acute gastritis. The MC basically said she wasn't feeling well. I'm hoping it's a prerecording.....

Oh wait, their hair color is normal...haha, I'm an idiot.

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Hahaha qri was so cute when she couldn't continue what she wanted to say due to her lack of competency in Japanese language. The question asked was for them to talk about what kind of album Jewelry box is. She merely said "the songs that we like... A lot... *no idea what the last word was*... Sighs...", and everyone burst out laughing. Hyomin tried to rescue her by saying ".... Good!" while everyone was enjoying the comical moment. Cuteeeeeeeee! Hahahah

Eunjung was in her clueless self as usual when she was announced the player who came in last and yet still clapping with the rest lol. Great to see them having fun!

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