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[12.07.18] Video - Eunjung @ Running Man Preview + Fancams


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Thanks for the vids! I watched Ep 103 and so happy to see the preview for next episode at the end.

I'm sooooooo excited for this! I'm sure all the 7 idols had lots of fun doing the show. They're all pretty competitive. I see Eunjung's got her chingus there. Siwan, Lee Joon and Nickhun are all born in 1988 as well. I love Eunjung and Nickhun! Talk about body language, they seem to have loads of chemistry there. Or maybe I'm just biased cause I love the 2 of them together. :D

I love Running Man but I always watch it only after the subs come out.. will definitely watch raw for this on sunday. Can't wait!

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