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[12.08.21] Video HD - T-ara @ MBC's Beautiful Concert


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I find it strange though that they have edits of "6-ARA", in Roly Poly. Don't want to give it a bad implication, but it just gives a wrong vibe somehow.

But overall, its still nice seeing them together (already a nostalgic feeling, so soon).

I know, it really gives the wrong vibe. Plus someone else on another website pointed out that "6-ara" in the Day by Day performance are all dressed differently from Hwayoung and Areum. "6-ara" are all wearing skirts while Hwayoung and Areum are wearing shorts. Also, Hwayoung and Areum are wearing a darker shade of purple than those worn by "6-ara". Done on purpose? I don't know. I really don't want to believe anything right now and just move on.

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