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[DOWNLOAD] T-error Adventures: Cake Day + Special Giveaway Event!


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New to what T-error Adventures is? Give this a read first!


After many months in production, we're proud to release the first mini game in an Exclusive series by Diadem, T-error Adventures: Cake Day!


Help Boram through a strange predicament by recruiting the members of T-ara. They won't come along so easily though. Think your way through to rally up the members in this fun point-and-click adventure minigame!


Share: http://bit.ly/tiaracakeday

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or below

Possible full screen/windowed mode issue in Windows 8


Download the game rar. Before starting, run WinSetup and change any settings

according to your preference (everything is optimal by default.) Set game to

Windowed mode for optimal display. Run T-error.exe to play. If the game doesn't

run, check to see if your antivirus is blocking it. This application is virus free, any

reports is a false-positive.


While we we work on amending bugs, please take note on the followings:

- Qir's puzzle can be bypassed if one item is clicked 4 times. Please avoid doing this so you may properly solve the puzzle.

- If you are unable to pick up the Rilakkuma, try click on various spots on it (most successful is at it's ear).

Download: T-error Adventures: Cake Day Wallpaper Set


T-error Adventures Special Giveaway

In celebration of the release of our very first game, we are holding a special giveaway event! The prizes?


An exclusive CD of the game, exclusive T-ara cards by Diadem (randomized member) and T-ara's official 2014 calendar!

- How to enter: leave a comment within this thread sharing your thoughts on the game or ideas for this project series in general

- To enter the giveaway, you must have 10 spam-free posts

- One entry per person. Duplicate accounts will lead to a disqualification

This giveaway will run till January 20th. The lucky winner will be announced on our Twitter.


We're very happy to finally come to this day, however this is just a very small beginning. Due to our rather tiny team (2 people only) and limited resources, this is only a mini-game featuring limited playable characters. We have many great ideas already for our future games though and as well hope to take on more team members. To motivate and prepare us for our next project, please do provide as much feedback as you can. The results of this 'test phase' so to say will help us determine whether we will continue with this project series or not (we very much would love to though!)

News, and applications to join the team, regarding the next game will go up after a short time.

For now, enjoy the game everyone! Please report any bugs/errors you may encounter. We will amend them and update the game. In regards to adding the other members as playable characters, though we'd love to, we cannot guarantee it as right now it would be more efficient for us to allocate our time to the next project (one that involve all the members as playable characters) instead.

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Nice to see that this has finally made its debut!

Pretty fun game overall and in regards to improvements definitely hoping for an "expansion pack" =P Basically just adding in more content, basically this game has so much potential in advancing towards new missions.

That feature of playing Number 9 on the laptop was amazing! I guess as new songs get released, it can be switched to that ^_^

Notes (This is for things to possibly fix):

The opening tutorial:

Either just add a Period to the end of each line or remove the one for "right click to deselect" (bottom right text)

Opening Scene:

Possible feature to Skip (esc) or click to skip


(Unsure how to point these out so I'm just going to type out the Entire line if that makes things easier to search by)

"Ok..." -> Suggest to either making it "Okay..." or "OK..." {Globally}

"It's locked" -> Suggest adding a "!"

For the Picture Frame of T-ara, possibly have the Text for each member be by the position of the girls.

Notepad, when you click on the Piece of paper, suggest changing "halves" to "pieces". On that same note, when you finish, the piece of paper becomes the cursor, even after you click on the "X" {Applies to any item selected}

Jiyeon's picture book: Suggest having the text be in the top left corner instead of overlapping the picture.

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Awesome. A lot of improvements over the last time I've tried the beta.

Bugs & Suggestions:

1. Windowed screen didn't work on my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Not sure what the problem is. Tabbing out of the game while in fullscreen might cause the game to crash.
2. A small typo in the T-Ara group picture. When you click on Jiyeon, it says "There's a dinosaur in out photo". should be OUR ^^
3. Not sure if it's intentional, but I've unlocked Jiyeon from the washing machine and the Rilakkuma head came out. The cursor flashed up, but I couldn't pick it up. I assume I have to pick that up, put it together, then give it to Eunjung, then everyone will unite to finish off the cake to help Boram. But yeah couldn't pick up the head.

1. Allow the game to be wide-screen on fullscreen mode.

2. Allow the cursor to activate the command as long as it's in the general area of the text (ie. Play, Load, Save, Tutorial, etc). Like for every word, it should be bounded by a rectangle and as long as the cursor is clicked within that rectangle, that command will be activate instead of having to click on the text itself. (It's more of a noticeable problem to play when I'm using my not-so-good mousepad instead of a mouse.

3. Allow right-click on an object to pick it up faster.


1. The Number 9 video stuttered a few times for me. Not sure if it's because my graphics card is weak or not since I'm playing the game on my laptop with the integrated Intel HD 3000.

That is all I've noticed so far after getting stuck trying out the game :)

Wish I could have help with the developing process but I got no experience working with flash :)

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I love the game, I love the graphics, I love the character drawings and I love the music choice. I am in love with everything.<3

It was quite challenging in the beginning if you didn't read the instructions properly. I was literally clicking on every single thing I can click even if that thing is "unclickable". Some feedback here. Would really like it if arrow keys on the keyboard can be used for movements and also the "Escape" key to deselect items. And I am not sure whether it's my PC but when I clicked on Qri's laptop, Number Nine M/V was shown but both the M/V and the music were lagging so I had to exit it.

I appreciate all the hard work by both you and your brother and I want to thank you for this amazing game. *sniff sniff. Looking forward to more T-error Adventures !!!! You are still late in releasing the game tho.

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Awesome. A lot of improvements over the last time I've tried the beta.

Bugs & Suggestions:...

1. That's weird.. I'm running Win7 Pro 64 as well and it worked fine for me.

3. Its a known bug but couldn't get quashed out before release. To continue with the game, just move your character somewhere and re-select the head. You should be able to pick it up then.

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huhuhuhu~....... I can't even get Jiyeonie out of the laundry machine.. T.T Mianhae Jiyeon-ah~..... I'm trying my best.. up, dow, button 2, button 3, then what the h*ll is that sun..?????? I don't know what to do just hang on in there.. T.T NA OTTEOKHAE~..???????????!!!!!

Oh! I am having the same problem here! Jiyeon is stucked in the laundry machine! Haha! How could that even happen? :)

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Oh~ So that's how~....... hahaha.. kkeut..! That was fun..! ^^ Nice work..! :D

Oh! I am having the same problem here! Jiyeon is stucked in the laundry machine! Haha! How could that even happen? :)

I finished it..! hahahaha.. ^^ Now I know what the sun meant.. :D Thanks to @Kuzon..

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The game was fun! Loved the Easter eggs. Cute ending too.

Tried not spoil anything

Things i found:
1. There is a glitch where you can't go back to the kitchen after finishing the task for both Jiyeon and Eunjung. (I forgot to check the clue for Qri's task in there)
2. Rilakkuma's head is hard to click to get it.

3. Can't change it to windows mode. (WinSetup didn't work)

4. The partial MV was a bit laggy. But the rest of the game runs smoothly.

Really enjoyed each room's Easter egg. Also liked how Eunjung reacts to the items given to her.

Great job on it.

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WOOOOW that was so interesting .I can see how hard you worked on it .

Thanks god we have someone like Zee and her team.

I like how smooth the game is .

The outfits and face expression of all the members are cute and nice ^^ . The best part is the we need to use our brains to solve the problems kikikik ....keep it up

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sidenote: the Qri level was hard man!

It took a while to figure out but the whole thing was really well done!!

Thank you for your hard work diadem! maybe in the future, more episodes with more playable members? and hidden Dani/Hwayoung/Areum levels? hahaha

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i just completed the game and everthing is awesome. t-ara characters are so cute, jiyeon who stucked in the laundry machine, boram who stucked in the cake , soyeon who brought them a cake, eunjung who lost her rilakuma , qri who need help in make up and hyomin who save them. so dorky ! the rilakumma eunjung lost was unique kk no wonder she doesnt want a new one xD

also,thank you for everyone who work hard to bring this game for all the queen's. *appreciate*

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