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[14.01.25] Video HD - Immortal Song 2 (Eunjung & Hyomin)


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I saw the thumbnail with Minnie in the red suit and I clicked like already.

I'll give it more thoughts after I finish watching the video, but I think I'll like it a lot.

some 10 minutes later...

I know Jungie has a great voice, I never realized it was so good it could almost rival Sso's. It's like what they say in many Anime series "removing the seal of self-restraint". She surprises me every time she does something, I'm beginning to wonder what she cannot do.

While contemplating all that, I still can't stop drooling over Minnie in the red suit.

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Whoa, EunMin in IS 2 again. :)

They must have do an awesome performance again.

And please dont cry, like your song "I know the feeling". We fans "Queen's" know about your feeling, if you sad we were sad, if you happy we were happy too. So please dont cry , live still keep moving. Fill your live with happiness and not sadness. So keep smile our girls, wish you all the best :)

@Hyomin, Minnie keep confident and strong. You're my bias after all, and I dont want to see you sad and cry again. If you sad it hurt me too.

@Eunjung, you're the best so dont crying. Believe in your heart that in someday your dream to have a holiday with your parent will be a real.

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if anyone asking about t-ara do roly poly dance just like in the their teaser earlier.

i think you all have to wait for they 2nd IS2 because this is versus competition so it has 2 part.this is 1st part so just wait for their 2 part.

maybe there will be Eunmin do roly poly in IS2 part 2. :)

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