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[14.06.07] Fancam - T-ara/Jiyeon's performance at Dream Concert 2014


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Minnie's leg lift at around 1:02 ~ 1:03 is about half a beat faster than the rest of the girls. It also happened around 2:19.

At around 2:48 when Minnie was about to do her "I'm addict" part, she was still adjusting her wig. I know it's a wig because she's already sporting the blonde bob by the election day already. She missed quite a few beats there.

I think she would have been fine if she wears her blonde bob to the concert. Her red outfit really made her stand out.

I feel so sorry for her, she and Dino must be very much overworked due to their solo activities. I hope they can get quality sleep soon.

Sso noticed something wrong with her mic (her voice wasn't coming out as good as the rest), she started fixing it aroudn 2:00. She had to dance while her hands were on the mic as well.

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