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[14.12.21] Video - T-ARA(티아라) SBS Gayo Daejun 2014


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I don't like it. I prefer the original song if T-ARA want to perform with.

I think this song remix is good to enjoy if u in some dark place ( club for example ). Watching our girls performs with this remix, do sing and dance, I only see "chaos". 

Anyway .... congrats for T-ARA becoming a winner on this SBSAF .

Good job to the QUEENS for making this great thing happen. * thumbs up *

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It's always nice to see and hear some variation in performance, even if it wasn't always as well practised as original - seeing exactly the same set month after month gets a bit boring too. A good one.


And I must say I like EJ's outfit in this one, she wears something that truly fits her. Not something that looks like it was borrowed or one or two sizes too small.


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