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[PICS] Eunjung for 307Studios (12/26)


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i'm i the only one who don't really like the blonde hair on eunjung i rather her longer light

brown hair it does make her look so much prettier and younger and even cutier !

I'm with you on the long brown hair. When they showed some preview pictures of their comeback for Sugar Free, they had Eun Jung with long wavy hair. I was hoping that would have been her new do but alas it was just a tease.
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These photos are already 1 year old....................... I have no idea why I'd never uploaded them here 0u0plz.png sowwy ^^'



and hopping on the hair convo here, I don't think it's about how long or what color it is, 'cause we all know they all can come off really good with almost everything, but her hairstyle...

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