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[15.03.11] MBK Entertainment denies Eunjung's casting in movie "The Boss Begins"


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Last year in April, Eunjung was revealed to have been casted in the 'The Boss Begins' alongside Lee Jangwoo and Son Hojoon. However, MBK has recently revealed her casting is yet to be official.

MBK responded, "similar with Son Hojun, after the first conversation last year, there hasn't been another talk of it until today (March 11th.)"

Officials stated carefully, "after initial talks of contracts, there hasn't been any contact from the production side. At the moment, we don't know if they'll be casted or not. We still need to check with the production side."

Lee Jangwoo's side has also stated to still be considering the role.


Source: Sports Donga

Translations by Stew

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