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[15.10.01] T-ara's Sweet Temptation to air October 5th, character descriptions revealed


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Naver has revealed T-ara's character descriptions for their web drama Sweet Temptation:

60_2994622_sub_image_1443680815614.jpgBoram in Recipe of Love: "Healed Chaesoo's wounded pride with her petite, cute appearance and a lively personality. To help Chaesoo take revenge, many various..."

60_2994624_sub_image_1443680911247.jpgQri in Black Holiday: "A person who finds everything bothersome and dreams only of 'TGIF' (thank God it's a Friday) and 'it's Saturday playday' to get by the whole week. She is the happiest when she's in the virtual world in her room on day-offs from work."

60_2994626_sub_image_1443681021332.jpgSoyeon in My Fantasy Girlfriend: "Sohee, a girl that feels very miserable due to her appearance, but her heart is warm. When she sees a person going through difficult times, she would say/think "'just don't try too hard'..."

60_2994627_sub_image_1443681122700.jpgEunjung in Only For You: "Barely gets by every day by pickpocketing. Boyish in appearance; really cares a great deal for her grandmother and her younger sister Sojin."

60_2994630_sub_image_1443681218460.jpgHyomin in It Rained When We Were In Love: "A university student; she has an ever-bright, cheerful personality and an energy that can turn the atmosphere good no matter who she sees or meets. She's working part-time as a bartender at a club, regular customers currently..."

60_2994631_sub_image_1443681308068.jpgJiyeon in Rebirth: "Lost Sangmin after a traffic accident, has been receiving psychiatric treatment for a year but it was useless. She only hopes for his return, in a state of going through desperate times."

T-ara's web drama 'Sweet Temptation' will air on MBK's Naver TV Cast* at 10 AM KST on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, starting from October 5th, 2015.

Earlier today, the teaser for Soyeon's drama was as well revealed!



*The Naver TV Cast is not available to most viewers outside Korea. Will update with an alternative link that can work for most, if not all fans, once found.


Source: Naver

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