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[16.10.12] Jiyeon to play lead role as an aspiring model in web drama My Runway


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[16.10.12] Jiyeon to play lead role as an aspiring model in web drama My Runway


A representative revealed on October 12th, "Jiyeon will be appearing in a web drama titled My Runway."

Jiyeon plays the role of a female high school student, Han Seoyeon, who is not great at her studies but has a good and bright personality. Since a young age, she has an obsession with pretty clothes. She's not good at anything so she hopes to get people's attention by wearing pretty clothes. Luckily, her face is pretty and she has a slim and beautiful body so she looks good in almost every pretty outfit she wears. With her simple and innocent personality, she carries a heart of desire to become a model. If she's interesting in something, she won't think of anything else and will just give it a try.

Jiyeon has been appearing in various dramas up till now and has shown quite good acting capabilities. She has appeared in Dream High 2 (2012), Triangle (2014) and in a web drama together with her T-ara members Sweet Temptation.

My Runway is a refreshing body change drama featuring a female high school student who wishes to be a model filled with willpower and a worn-out top model. The director will be Heo Chan, who was involved with tvN's After The Show Ends and the script will be written by the writer who wrote Sharp 1 (반올림). It is a web drama and is expected to air on TV broadcasting stations and other forms of media after confirmation.


Source: Naver

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