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[10.08.30] T-ara Jiyeon, Shining Cubic Make-Up


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T-ara Jiyeon's shining beauty, shined even more thanks to the cubic.

A photo of Jiyeon using a cubic eye-line make-up is being revealed at an internet community site.

In the photo, Jiyeon is being proud of her baby-skin and her long straight hair. And especially her cubic make-up that stole attention, just a like some tears that are falling from her eyes.

Fans who saw this photo left some comments, "That cubic look totally like a tear." "I think the cubic make-up will be famous once again because Jiyeon used it."


source: newsen

cr: dianapetrina (trans) @ diadem + tiaradiadem

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Wow ! Jiyeon unnie looks so cute and adorable with that cubic ^^ her face seems like shine more =))

Of course that cubic will become famous soon =)) all things were introduced by singers are always become famous , too ~ lol ^^

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