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    T-ara “Our families cried when they found out we were contenders for 1st place, our promise if we get 1st place is…” Girl group T-ara made a promise if they achieve 1st place. On October 21st at a coffee shop in Nonhyeon Dong, Gangnam, Seoul, we met with T-ara, who said “Isn’t the title of our new song No.9? We thought that it would already be really good to achieve 9th place, but we actually became contenders for 1st place. Becoming contenders and standing in the first row, we had goosebumps and were excited like rookies.” T-ara, who experienced the longest “blank period” since their debut because of the bullying controversy last year, was more spirited than expected. Without any particular promises or without saying who should do what firs, but beginning to change with every small action one by one, they greeted us greatly with their heads bowed lower. For a T-ara like this, contending for 1st place is something that is “amazing.” Soyeon said, “To be honest, because there is less applause and less people singing along with us, our confidence dropped. Before the controversy, we didn’t know that every shout of support was that valuable; now our families even cried and we almost had a party at home amongst us,” expressing her thankful heart. But, the trauma from last year has not fully healed. When we spoke of “that day,” the members’ tears still came falling. Although the other members made fun of each other, the tears could not be stopped at that moment. Their wounds are large and deep. They were worried and waited like that for a comeback. T-ara said, “We want everyone to listen to good music, and because we have a lot to protect, we cannot stop. Honestly, we were very scared and worried about whether there would be anyone who would welcome us,” “Our families, friends and colleagues gave us courage by telling us ‘It will be fine as long as you continuously show a hardworking and good appearance.” For them, how to face and approach the looks from those around them is a very difficult problem. In particular, T-ara, different from other groups and whose interaction with fans though fan club opening, autograph, and handshaking sessions etc. has reduced, said “Our company thinks the same way as us. Although we have little activities [with fans], but making food and sharing them with fans, holding a sudden signing session at our company, we must do this and work hard continuously,” “If we have the chance, we want to hold a free camping or sports event at a large sports grounds.” Following that, they said, “Not only to our fans, but to those who were burdened because of us, and other than making good music, but to work hard in order to melt the hearts of those who we meet serendipitously, this is very important” When we asked for a promise if they were to achieve 1st place, T-ara said, “It seems more realistic to make a promise for if we continue to stay as a contender for 1st place,” “We’ll do this if we can be contenders for 1st place in other music programmes,” Although they were a bit scared, they all agreed “We want to try giving ‘Free Hugs’. It seems like it would be fun.” Meanwhile, T-ara released their 8th mini album “AGAIN” on the 10th and has began promotions with double title tracks “No.9” and “I Know the Feeling.” Original source: http://wstarnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=09&c1=09&c2=09&c3=00&nkey=201310211603571&mode=sub_view Translated via Chinese trans from TCN: http://www.t-arachina.cn/bbs/thread-67940-1-1.html
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    [COVER] Number 9 Japanese Version Covers (10/24) Limited Edition A Limited Edition B Regular Edition Xmas Edition CREDIT: T-ara's Official Japanese Site + craZy + tiaradiadem.com Will update when HD is available.
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    T-ara, A Tearful Interview… Instead of explaining, they are reflecting By Kim Yong Ho I met with girl group T-ara. The “T-ara Incident” that caused uproar in Korea last year. At the time, after finishing their Japan Buddokan concert, success was right in front of their eyes, but a small argument between the members became a large controversy through SNS. More so than the truth of what happened, the public was more interested and passionate in their witchhunt. There is nothing more saddening than to be misunderstood. The T-ara members had also wanted to defend themselves saying that “This was not what happened in reality.” Just like that, a year has passed and T-ara met with us reporters. But this time, the interview is not a consoling one. The controversy has to be something they face once more before their wounds can begin to heal. So right from the beginning I asked a powerful question “Why do you think T-ara is being criticised?” The girls jumped at the question. But it is a question that must be answered. Perhaps it was a question they were mentally prepared for. Member Eunjung carefully replied, “We think that there must be a reason. Although there were some misunderstandings, because we think part of the reason we hear those words is because of us, we have humbly accepted [the criticism].” Hyomin said “Because we disappointed a lot of people who gave us love, we were wrong. That was an irreparable mistake. We can’t pretend it never happened. We have reflected upon our immature actions and think that we can only work hard to [make up for it].” Eunjung said, “We think that not expressing our thoughts at the time was one of the reasons we were criticised so much. We are very regretful for not expressing our thoughts from our hearts well at the time. But now, instead of using words, we think that we should use action to demonstrate [our hearts].” The members expressed their regret. T-ara used to be one of the most loved girl groups. But now they are harshly receiving hate. A change like that is difficult for young girls to accept. I asked, “Isn’t the reality now very saddening?” But the answer I received was a mature one, “It seems like the sad period has passed and now we are thankful for little things.” Soyeon said “In the past, being nominated for 1st place seemed to be a given. But now, when we hear that we have been nominated for 1st place, we feel so happy we get goosebumps.” Eunjung said, “The way we think has changed. I think we are lucky to have obtained these results from working hard. We hope that we will achieve better results in the future.” Jiyeon said , “It seems like we really learned a lot. We learned to be thankful for little things.” T-ara talked about their thoughts on their comeback. Eunjung, “Achieving a lot of popularity at a young age can make people arrogant and that appearance can be revealed unconsciously. Although it may not be revealed with bad intentions, it seems to have been interpreted as such.” Answers like these, instead of defending themselves, it seems like T-ara has embraced a reflective attitude. Suddenly, the young girls began to cry. Hyomin and Eunjung were the first to pick up tissues. Soyeon, although saying “I really don’t want to cry”, started to choke up as well. Jiyeon, who usually does not say much and has been misunderstood a lot, her tears also ruined her makeup. The members all expressed their thanks to their fans. “We are so thankful for our fans who have stayed by us even after so many bad things happened. We understand how valuable they are,” they said, revealing their honest thoughts. T-ara recently released their 8th mini album “AGAIN” and is promoting with double title tracks “No.9” and “I Know the Feeling.” In particular, No.9 has reached 1st place on several charts upon release and was even nominated for 1st in a music programme, achieving popularity. But T-ara is still very humble. With their heads down, they said “Instead of a desire for 1st place, we have been practising overnight with the thought that it would be great if we can receive love. We are thankful for getting response that is better than we thought.” Looking at T-ara, who expressed, “We were afraid about performing on stage when we knew we wouldn’t receive applause, but for those who have given us applause, we will do the best we can,” I am touched by the way they are struggling to overcome their trauma. I wonder if shedding tears like this will make them feel better. I look forward to T-ara overcoming these trials and becoming a cheerful girl group once again. Original source http://www.sportsworldi.com/Articles/EntCulture/Article.asp?aid=20131022022822&subctg1=50&subctg2=00&OutUrl=daum Translated via Chinese trans by TCN: http://www.t-arachina.cn/bbs/thread-67945-1-1.html
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    I was giving my full attention to reading this article but then when I get to these key words my mind was erased: FREE HUGS Then I had to read the article all over again. The girls' humble attitude and hard-working mindset will guarantee their success. Now they're determined, and passionate about their music, I can hardly wait for their Christmas single. They must have a defined schedule of the event, then I'll try my very best to fly over just to get my FREE HUGS from the girls. What was I saying again? These two words are now stuck in my head and I can't think of anything else other than that. What are those two words you asked? FREE HUGS Can I take two from each girl? Maybe three from EunYeonMin, and two with all of them together.
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    [PRESS] 2014 S/S Seoul Fashion Week (10/23) For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2093-2014-ss-seoul-fashion-week-102013/ CREDIT: Nate + Newsen + btn + StarN + SEGYE + craZy + tiaradiadem.com
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    [13.10.23] YNews Watch - T-ara Cut

    [13.10.23] YNews Watch - T-ara Cut Cr: Kim io
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    [13.10.23] Video - T-ara Exclusive Interview part 1 part 2 part 3 credit : Andrea Mode @ youtube
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    [IG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (10/23)

    Audio in #1977 AGAIN 1977 '나 어떡해' The Return of retro? Credit : Hyomin's instagram + T-4R4 + tiaradiadem
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    Remember how Rolly Polly really a daebak influence
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    [13.10.23] Video - T-ara " Number Nine " @ UN Peace Festival cr : chesskidgaf @ youtube
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    In my opinion you're kind of delusional. Sorry, it's just how I feel. Hwayoung's career was over the moment these articles about her being bullied came out. No CEO is going to want to invest in someone who was at the focal point of a scandal, and the more people bring it up, the worse it gets for her career. People are going to look at her sincerely and give her a nice smile, tell her that they'll be in contact and then just throw her to the back of their mind. Why? Because of the fans that said all of these rumors, it's too risky putting her in another group as again people will start shouting at her being bullied. Not to mention that a majority of the people hating on T-ara don't even care about Hwayoung so her gaining popularity as the "black sheep who was bullied" wouldn't even work. Her rap was unimpressive when she released it, I'm not hating on her, I'm speaking realistically. She doesn't possess the rap skills to go solo as a rapper, or even go underground. She's an idol level rapper, and will remain that way forever and she understands that, why do you think she's trying to get into acting so badly? Hwayoung is not going to be joining T-ara ever again, and I don't know how to feel about that, I never felt her contribution honestly speaking. Her best rap was Day by Day and that was short lived and not even that good to be completely honest. Areum is not joining T-ara ever again and CCM made that clear by highlighting that Areums skills far exceeded T-ara's as a whole and therefore, will be going solo. Whether or not I agree with that statement, or if it's even true at all and KKS is just pushing her off to the side and training her more is unknown. I don't understand all the hate on KKS, to be completely serious. If it wasn't for him, there would be no T-ara today, not just because he gathered 6 of the most beautiful women in Korea to form a group but because he stuck through their scandal. Any other company would have just taken the netizens advice and put them on a permanent break for them to "Reflect" however, KKS didn't do that, he instead continued promoting them, as if it was a "F*** you" to netizens, and they felt it hard core. KKS was a mess when the scandal first came out, that much is true, but at least he pushed on with them and didn't just completely disband the group. And lets not be delusional, he has the power to do that anytime he pleases and we can be sure that some of these girls will never be seen again, just because they were associated with another company and the company in question could blackball them from joining another company. People shouldn't be angry at KKS, although he did mismanage the girls, he at least didn't do bad by them by cutting their popularity prematurely. T-ara doesn't have nearly the prestige or fans it did Lovey Dovey era, but they're still a force to be reckoned with thanks to the tank that is KKS for standing by them. I sincerely hope everyone reflects on themselves and realize that no one is truly at fault here. This was just blown out of proportion due to misinterpretation. That's my two cents, and if you don't like it, I'm sorry.
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    Hahaha hyomin always look at eunjung whenever she's talking n answering the question... And eunjung can read from the eyes saying "help me out!" Hehehe... After hyomin finished her sentence eunjung jump on to add on n summarises it... The MC is so funny lol...
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    Looking forward to this! Another retro song. But I'm just not too happy about the jacket image. It's basically the same as Pink Tape by f(x). They should have done something a little different to the tape or the way the picture was taken. Besides that, yay for new release!!!
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    [13.10.23] YNews Watch - T-ara Cut

    I tell you this MC is Qunee's, lol. I really liked the way he approached T-ara. He even openly admitted that he went and bought T-ara's Again as soon as it was on sales and admitted he is a fan. Ah, Jiyeon's fans must be jealous right now, lol. Hyomin said, "Fortunatelly, we are really happy and grateful. Honestly,its not that we dont have greediness but we dont have big greed like wanting No. 1[ranking]. [We are] Being loved to this extent, we are really really touched"- I am staring to like Hyomin more day by day. No wonder, she is famous for fan-service. She didnt forget to thanks fans and how gr8ful she was every time she talked. Jungiee's "Agioo" took the gold. /dead cute/
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    [13.10.23] YNews Watch - T-ara Cut

    I can't comment on the contents of the interview, but I gotta say that looking at Hyominnie's legs really made me feel bad. I know they're on the starvation mode now since they're busy with their comeback schedules; but she's already skinny to begin with, now she's left with chopstick legs I hope they can eat healthy and stay healthy. We need our girls to stay healthy in order to have more music made from them, even if the cost is seeing them less. I'd rather see them healthy for less time on screen, than seeing them more in fatigued and worn out shapes. Stay strong T-ara.
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    I'm proud to be in love with these girls! I wasn't a Queen's before the controversy, but now I am, and I feel so good with this! I really don't care about the past, I love them because I have fun when I'm listening their music! And their personality! Of course I knew about the controversy, but was ok, really don't care at all, I read all the negative comments and I was like: "Why they judge them? Maybe they did something wrong but is the past! Can we forget the past?" Queen's, don't pay attention in all those negative comments, still support T-ara till the end! If we do this, I know that many people gonna start to like T-ara like me!
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    The incident make them be more mature. Instead of giving excuses, they accept it and fix themselve to be better They hv been through a lot T.T Jiyeon who usually quiet now cry a lot until her makeup ruined. They must hv been kept this feeling for too long. T ara is the only group that I love. No matter what I will support T ara. Only T ara. In the past, present and forever
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    it's so complicating .. all those disclaimers..lol. Good luck everyone
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