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    Dandelina reacted to xbot in [14.05.24] Video - Jiyeon 1분1초 @ Music Core   
    Jiyeon's thursday's live reminded me of batgirl & Lara croft, & now her red hot performance reminds me of Tifa from FF7.
    Jiyeon is making my nerdy fantasies come true

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    Dandelina reacted to CptFantasy in [14.04.10] Jiyeon's performances of "1MIN1SEC" will be incredibly sexy.. Complete image change   
    Arirang Issue, Korea Today - Teaser for Jiyeon's solo debut 티아라 지연, 티저영상 공개 - [4:05]


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    Dandelina reacted to Uncle fan in [14.04.10] Jiyeon's performances of "1MIN1SEC" will be incredibly sexy.. Complete image change   
    Exactly. Let's hope this marks the beginning of people realizing the skill and talent that these ladies have. If they have to do it one by one, then so be it! I would love to see Soyeon and Eunjung doing solo releases as well. T ara is that rare occurence wherein a group of individually talented people join together and the result is greater than the sum of the parts. They are an exciting group to watch grow and develop.
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    Dandelina reacted to zeezee15 in [13.12.04] T-ara's Japanese fanclub suddenly shutting down.. Will they stop Japanese activities?   
    Oooh. Speculation time!
    I postulate that despite their best efforts, T-ara has not been as profitable in Japan (relatively-speaking) as CCM hoped they would be. Think about it, if the profits from Japan were sky high, they would milk that cash cow with every possible gimmick, year in year out. Taking a long hiatus In this idol-saturated market, could easily mean irrecoverable lost ground unless you're a really big household name.
    So naturally, T-ara's venturing out to extend and deepen (if possible) their appeal in other markets. China with it's large, youthful population is quite a prize.
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    Dandelina reacted to mojaslatka in [13.12.04] T-ara's Japanese fanclub suddenly shutting down.. Will they stop Japanese activities?   
    Hahaha. love this. Let's just support and hope the best for them
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    Dandelina reacted to arcadey in [13.12.04] T-ara's Japanese fanclub suddenly shutting down.. Will they stop Japanese activities?   
    I disagree. T-ara is third most popular Korean girl group in Japan. They're still profitable in Japan, unlike many other Korean artists who debuted there. But I wouldn't be surprised if J-Rock decided not to renew the contract (which was a record-breaking 4.3 million when they signed it) due to Hallyu wave dying and T-ara's scandal. When T-ara signed with J-rock they were on the path to becoming the second biggest girl group in Korea (and Asia) after Girls' Generation, but after the scandal they were knocked down to mid-tier.
    Still, I think they are profitable in Japan and any agency would be lucky to have them over there. Especially now that their Korean popularity is rising again, and Hyomin was able to headline her own Japanese movie.
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    Dandelina reacted to Scatter_88mil in [13.12.04] T-ara's Japanese fanclub suddenly shutting down.. Will they stop Japanese activities?   
    Lol, CCM's Japanese office will continue to manage them? Well, that sounds like a pretty bleak future there.
    That being said, I really doubt that shutting down of the fanclub inevitably means their activities in Japan will indefinitely stop. Still, it wouldn't be surprising for activities in Japan to come to a lower tempo however. The Hallyu Wave is meeting its grinding halt there - and is probably also a concerning matter, as the biggest portion of overseas income for the K-entertainment industry happens to be from Japan.
    Which would probably explain the sudden rush into China nowadays and CCM is merely following the trend.
    Just because they're the third most popular Korean girl group in the country doesn't mean it's going to keep them afloat well in the long term. In fact, it's also hit KARA and SNSD as well, both who are much bigger than T-ara is by popularity.
    That being said, the scandal from last year and declination of Kpop aren't likely the only factors. Furthermore, T-ara becoming the second largest group after SNSD - that was never going to happen. The moment KKS started mouthing off some of the most controversial things to the press regarding the group by calling them lazy, threatening them and putting unnecessary members and the massively increasing amount of work i.e. nonstop promotions since the second half of 2011 right up to the day of the scandal, it was pretty obvious that the group was heading to a celebrity-crash-and-burn scenario.
    In fact, one may say it was inevitable.
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    Dandelina reacted to aleya in [13.04.29] Video - T-ara N4 @ SBS Hwa Jung Power Time Radio   
    [13.04.29] Video - T-ara N4 @ SBS Hwa Jung Power Time Radio


    Credit : chesskidgaf @ youtube
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    Dandelina reacted to thexcalibur in [13.04.03] T-ara to release 2nd Japanese album on July 31st!   
    Here comes their hectic schedule this year..omg..T-ara's everywhere.
    I hope they won't cancel their asian tour >.<
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    Dandelina reacted to T-arafan1230 in [13.04.29] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Music Video (Dance and Drama Ver.)   
    I loved the dance version they all looked so pretty
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    Dandelina reacted to tara4evar in [13.04.29] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Music Video (Dance and Drama Ver.)   
    Ahhhhh! This was everything I wanted from T-ara and more.
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    Dandelina reacted to jun27 in [13.04.29] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Music Video (Dance and Drama Ver.)   
    [13.04.29] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Music Video (Dance and Drama Ver.)

    cr: coremidas
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    Dandelina reacted to craZy in [13.04.26] Jinx! Behind The Scenes Trailer   
    [13.04.26] Jinx!!! Behind The Scenes Trailer

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    Dandelina reacted to craZy in [OFFICIAL] Jinx! Movie Poster (04/26)   
    [OFFICIAL] Jinx!!! Movie Poster (04/26)

    CREDIT: Jinx!!! Movie Official Site
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    Dandelina reacted to craZy in [OFFICIAL] T-ara N4 New Group Teaser Photos (04/26)   
    [OFFICIAL] T-ara N4 New Group Teaser Photos (04/26)

    CREDIT: CCM Official Site

    Note: We're facing some back-end issues with our Gallery, why we have not been able to update it for some time. It's currently being worked up and we should have it back up in no time.
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    Dandelina reacted to PandaRK in [13.04.25] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Teaser 2 & 3 (Drama Ver)   
    The drama teaser is really, really awesome. Can't wait for it.
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    Dandelina reacted to craZy in [13.04.25] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Teaser 2 & 3 (Drama Ver)   
    [13.04.25] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Teaser 2 & 3 (Drama Ver)

    Credit: coremidas
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    Dandelina reacted to Robbe_881 in [13.04.19] Video HD - Princess T-ara Episode One   
    [13.04.19] Video - Princess T-ara Episode One



    Credit: tarahappyrain @ youtube

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    Dandelina reacted to nathaniel in [13.04.15] T-ARA N4 reveal hip-hip image teaser, "Breaking away from original colors"   
    [13.04.15] T-ARA N4 reveal hip-hip image teaser, "Breaking away from original colors"

    T-ara's 4-member unit T-ara N4 revealed new teaser images today making a transformation into a hip-hop group.

    T-ara's Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum appeared in the new teasers as stylish and fun looking girls.

    Their title song "Rural Life" will be revealed through a teaser today and the teaser will show off the funky and intense flavored hip-hop elements in the song. The original color T-ara will not be shown,

    T-ara's agency Core Contents Media said, "T-ara's unit T-ARA N4 will break away from their original style and each member will have their personalities showed off clearly with their colorful and unique costumes and accessories. They will also present a new look in their performances."

    The song "Rural Life" is created by Double Sidekick and based on the drama "Rural Life". It has blunt lyrics about breaking free from the same everyday, thoughtless routine. The song will be joyful and appeal to women, men and children and with a touch of nostalgia for the older generation

    The teaser will be released today through YouTube, GomTV at 3:30 KST.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130415n10795
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Dandelina reacted in [13.04.22] T-ara N4 to work with "Gangnam Style" music video director   
    errrr There are only 2 common points:
    1. Same director. But this guy starts working with T-ara since Bunny Style, not just now. It's an improvement on CCM side actually. Because the girls normally will get really fast and dizzy dance video if they stay with their old director, but by collaborating with new director (with proofs of performance), CCM can ensure that T-ara MV will be up a notch. In fact, CCM only work with high profile composers and directors. Back then, when Cho Young Soo are always the one who make the most money in Korea (for composer), CCM songs are always composed by him. And then, CCM works with Shinsadong Tiger after the guy proves himself with success songs for Beasts and 4min. After Kang JiWon and Kim KiBum success launching Secret to fame, CCM also hire them. And now, as you know, Duble Sidekick continuously write hit songs for CCM.
    Therefore, i dont think its a surprise when CCM hire Cho SooHyun for T-ara this time. I actually wish CCM hire the guy who did BAP's One Shot MV though. Nevertheless, Cho SooHyun is not a bad choice either.
    2. CCM want the song and the dance to become a national trend like Gangnam Style. But really, who doesn't?
    Aside from that, nothing from T-ara is related to PSY. I dont think they are inspired by PSY style at all. Maybe hiphop but even 4min is going hiphop.
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    Dandelina reacted to aleya in [13.04.15] Video - T-ARA N4 "Country Diary" Teaser   
    [13.04.15] Video - T-ARA N4 "Country Diary" Teaser

    credit : coremidas @ youtube

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    Dandelina reacted to Emperor Ryu in [13.04.15] T-ARA N4 reveal hip-hip image teaser, "Breaking away from original colors"   
    I like all of their new looks in their sub-unit images. I can't wait to see their full music video. Did they release a tracklist yet, and/or will this be a single?
    I heard and saw the video teaser on youtube not too long ago, and it doesn't sound similar to 2Yoon's 24/7 at all, so there's no need to worry.
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    Dandelina reacted to kyopta-Qri in [13.04.03] T-ara to release 2nd Japanese album on July 31st!   
    Korean song PLEASE.....
    I miss t-ara korean song w/ full member....
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    Dandelina reacted to Emperor Ryu in [13.03.27] T-ara's Eunjung-Hyomin-Jiyeon-Areum to form a sub-unit and create national trend   
    Almost every gang throughout the world involves minors in one way or the other, whether they be children of their own family to someone's kid(s) via money. So, there's really no difference other than the name of the gang.

    They are so definitely not the only gang to resort to such blackmailing tactics. Why are we even talking about Hyomin's past, when she's not even involved with them currently? Is this some sort of stigma against her, or something? Perhaps to drive her in that direction again? Maybe that's who these antis are, a gang?

    So there's a notion going around about the gang blackmailing Hyomin now?

    Since when did Daum and Twitter companies give a person, in this case a celebrity, the exact same ID? Why is this even relevant? This doesn't make sense, especially when signing up an online Daum e-mail account that asks for a e-mail address, password, and name (e-mail ID), while Twitter asks for a user name (e-mail ID), e-mail address, and password? Couldn't it be plausible for someone to choose the exact same name? I recall an artist asking someone to change their online name, because she wanted to use her same one, and that person so happened to be first to use it on a website. And we can't rule out the possibility of hacking into someone's account either, let alone cover this photoshopping point of view all over again.

    Geez, is it that easy to forget apologies and acts of redemption? Do we have to resort of barbarism in order to appease one another? Is there that much need to see ghostly spirits this badly? Why are we having this discussion?

    The antis in general went after each member, regardless. To go after specific members won't make sense for their overall goal, which is to kick T-ara to the curb and be forgotten.

    That's old news. When I first heard about it, it didn't shock me at all, given how our artists here in the U.S. didn't bother to hide their gang affiliations and past crimes, and their musical career was viewed on as a means to redeem him/herself in the eyes and ears of the public. In some cases it worked out, while others didn't get the chance to live for tomorrow, as others still struggle with it. In Hyomin's case, it's pretty safe to say, she's endeavoring to live a better life without hurting others while she's still alive. I see no need to go into detail about their personal lives to locate their past transgressions, because it'll only serve as a means to prolong and halt any and all positive accomplishments they have done thus far to redeem themselves. Plus, it has nothing to do with us period. That's their privacy, their lives, not ours. If they choose to admit to past mistakes, they are doing so because they want to correct them very much, and asking for others for help and guidance, and hopefully become a better person when it becomes finally resolved.
    Some antis, if not most, will always try to look for bad things in other people, simply because they themselves are hiding their own evils. In other words, give attention to someone else, other than themselves. I do find the irony in antis committing crimes, some are misdemeanor types, while trying to point out crimes in others, while failing to realize that by trying to correct someone else's problems does not solve their own. Strangely funny.
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