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  1. Awww, shes so cute! I love her in those uniforms keke~ Esp in God Of Study! ^^
  2. Shes so cute! Thats why she my fav member as always. But i love her other short hair. I love this one still though, ^^
  3. Omg, JiYeon is soo PRETTY! Shes so cute even though shes acting in a horror movie keke~
  4. Their so HAWT! Love JiYeon look keke~ Hyomin and Qri looks soo PRETTY!
  5. keke~ Hyomin shorts is EPIC! Who wear shorts like that? HYOMIN! ^^
  6. Eunjung such a cutie, love her keke~ ! I needa watch her Drama!
  7. Haha, Hyomin so cute! MY JiYeon! ^^ Their both cute keke~
  8. Aww can't see Hyomin properly but i know their having a great time on the plane keke~
  9. Woah, my JiYeon looks so different! Love her look, i just love her keke~ Thanks for sharing
  10. keke~ Their soo CUTE! Eunjung looks so pretty keke~ ! Boram cute! MY Jiyeon can't see clearly.
  11. Hyomin looks so different but i love it! xD She looks like hmm.. I forgot >< But she looks like someone xD
  12. She is so pretty. Love her hair keke~ ! Really love her song!
  13. Woah, the cake so cool keke~ Camera cake keke~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYOMIN. (Belated) ^^
  14. Aww Boram! Its okie, your grandmother will still be watching you. RIP<3
  15. I sorta dislike JiYeon black hair but i'll get used to it ^^ Shes so cute!
  16. Their so cute keke~ I esp love their outfit too ^^ So so so nice. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Awww Shes so pretty keke~ I love her short hair, but her hair color changed since god of study.
  18. The girls looking really pretty, Esp JiYeon xD And Hyomin. Boram so short keke~ But so cute.
  19. JiYeon is always cute, she's so perfect! xD Qri & Soyeon omgg! So cutee!! Their cuteness ahhh xD
  20. EunJung is so cute keke~ I might watch this drama if its really good! Shes so natural!
  21. Haha Jiyeon really cute keke~ Esp the shirt too ahhh, their both cute xD ^^ Thanks for sharing.
  22. their so pretty keke~ Esp Jiyoen, Shes so CUTE! Eunjung is just so PRETTY!
  23. Their so pretty keke~ I love Hyomin glasses, shes so cute with them keke~
  24. Shes so cute, why do i love JiYeon so much? xD Love her hair too! Love her smile!
  25. Their so cute keke~ Esp Jiyeon! Why is she so cute, Always?!?!? xD Qri really pretty.
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