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[12.01.10] Notes - Jiyeon's , Soyeon's and Hyomin's New Year Messages


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[12.01.10] Notes - Jiyeon's , Soyeon's and Hyomin's New Year Messages

Jiyeon' Message

[trans] 120107 jiyeon’s post on jingdot

In 2012…

2012, Happy New Year~!!

Hoping for only happy days ahead for you all

Since the weather is cold lately, wear warm clothes and be careful of catching a cold~!

I’ll work hard with Lovey Dovey promotions and Dream High filming~

The character Lian can seem hateful but… it’s just acting so please watch over me well ㅎㅎ

Let’s all make health our first priority in 2012!!

Stay healthy~~~

Soyeon's Message

[trans] 120106 soyeon's msg on meldot

Hello ? It’s Soyeonnie ^ㅡ^ Heheh..

Only getting to leaving a message now…… I’m sorry TㅡT;

Did you all enjoy today’s Mcountdown….?

We were noticing that there were a lot of fans who were worrying, telling us not to fall sick…

Felt really really thankful but at the same time apologetic…>ㅅ<

As you all know, since we’re trying to show you so many things all at once (Cry Cry, We Were In Love, musicals, concerts, award shows, Japanese promotions, etc etc.)

There may still be a lot of areas in our comeback performance where we fall short on…

We request for your understanding… Soyeonnie will work harder !

Also, there’s one more thing we’re sad and sorry about….

We wanted to build a home - a fanclub for my Soyeons (T/N: She calls her fans Soyeons for some reason l o l) and our T-ara fans so we were working on this since way before but you know, it doesn’t work out that way and there were some company circumstances that didn’t allow this to go as smoothly as we planned…. but we are trying our best until the end to have our voices heard to make a great home for our Soyeons and T-ara fans so please just wait a little longer !

Sigh… and we also decided not to use twitter for the time being. I figured there would be a lot of you who would worry from the lack of updates so I came to inform you of this heheh..

Soyeonnie and the other members as well are taking good care of our health for our family members (fans) so don’t worry too much !

And when we meet at the broadcasting stations and elsewhere, let’s represent your T-ara well as a fan of T-ara !

There are also our baby fans who try to provoke me from time to time by using banmal (informal language) who end up getting scolded hoohoot *

Anywaysssss I’m counting all of the placards when I’m on stage…

In other words, I’m checking and taking attendance of our Soyeons with my eyes *laughs*;

Seeing as how Soyeonnie, the one finds the internet difficult, is writing up a post like this…

It’s a sign that I’m really thankful and that I lov… lov.. e ..; like you a lot lately ^ㅡ^ he

Let’s think of right now - this time when we’re giving each other the most strength.. let’s all gain strength !!

Then…. this will be the end of Soyeonnie’s entry~ *

( Let’s allow this to be shared on other sites, cafes, blogs, etc. )

*** Oh right ! There were a lot of you who were wondering who we were so happy to see when we were seen greeting and bowing during the ending stage at the Gayo Daejejun on the 31st……

It was because we discovered our fan amo~ng a crowd of so many other idols’ fans, bouncing up and down while proudly holding T-ara’s name up high…. he ^ㅡ^***

Hyomin's Message




: Again again~ Hurry up and read it before it's all dry.ㅜㅜ Can you still not see the letter??

The New Year has arrived~^^ I secretly had my hopes up for something different..

But everything remains the same except one thing, the calendar .. ah~! Though if there had to be one thing different..

A new start.. thinking about starting anew makes feeling tired feel a little? It feels a little less .. ^^

We ~ at the same time the year-end ceremonies came to an end!! We are practicing for our new song, Lovey Dovey!

Haek haek,,^^;; The first stage on January 5th.. There have been a lot of people worrying about Jiyeonnie and Eunjung unni because they haven’t been feeling well..

But because our fans have also been anticipating. and waiting for us ! Jiyeonnie, and Eunjung unni too,

Everyone is trying their best so that they will get better as soon as possible ..!! Please give us your support ....

In 2011 .. with Roly Poly and crycry promotions .. Japanese debut.. and dramas, movies, musicals, etc.

It really feels as if we’ve ran up to this point with no time to rest. Everyone must feel like that, we’re people too, you know!

Of course we get tired from working ^^.. If there’s a know-how, that isn’t exactly a know-how in means of overcoming this..

I think of what my parents always told me when I was younger “You try going out there in the real world..!!”

Those are the words that come to mind~ ㅋㅋ I used to think that only my body would be tired .. but after experiencing it ..

There’s more greed to become a little bit better.. as you set up high standards for yourself..

and there’s a feeling of frustration each time that happens. But with mind control!!

I know to rise up again each time!^^ It may be a childish method but I write in my diary or read famous sayings from books to encourage myself.. It’s actually.. a quite decent method..?!!! I seriously *re~commend*~~ it!!

I read it again today but.. ┌The three principles of changing wishes into goals. First, setting a deadline, Second, specificity, Third, writing these on paper.. ‹Making good use of miraculous time›...┘

Although I don’t have a set time limit or anything specific.. how thankful I’ve felt up until now to all the people who cheered for us..

And right now, the start of the new year!.. I want to shout out hwaiting! to the ones in need of words of encouragement .. And.. I also tried writing a New Year’s card filled with sincerity!! In hopes to receive even more words of encouragement and support from you all !!^^ A really big~

huge card.. hehe.. My New Year’s greeting didn’t turn out as bright and cute as I thought it would be but.. I think it’s meaningful in its own way!!!

Is it not?? Ehe.. if it isn’t then I’ll be discouraged again and I’ll go search for a compilation of famous sayings and think of what I’m lacking of.. in means to improve blahblahblah talking nonsense...ㅋㅋ It’s not funny but that was a joke!

Anyway I hope in 2012.. everyone~.. although it might not be a year of extreme happiness..

Easily.. safely.. with good health. Without any trouble! I hope the year passes by like that .^^

You might get shocked once or twice though with our new song Lovey Dovey.. hehe..

Aren’t you curious..?? Let's get a daebak... Anyway I!! need to go back to practicing the shuffle dance to the point where my feet start sweating so I will end here. Everyone~ replies are a must~

Write long~ long~ like me

♡♡Happy New Year!!♡♡ –To our fans whom I love, a huge New Year’s card


( Rice-cake soup which was a New Year’s present.. tangerines and.. deli~cious food..

I have no way of delivering them to you in case they’ll spoil?? So I ate them all~~

Merong (T/N: sticking tongue out) )


Credit (trans) : diademtweets + biases@tumblr

Source :



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Thank you for posting the translations. I was actually wondering why there hasn't been any updates lately from their Twitter. Decided not to use it? I don't really buy that...

Anyway, the Korean fans are so lucky to have their idols logging in and communicating with them... Wish they would drop by Diadem just once.

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Ohhhhh! Thanks Jiyeon, Soyeonnie and Hyominnie! Thank you all for always putting effort in all that you do. It is deeply appreciated! Tho, this might not go to you beautiful ladies personally, still.. I wanna write it!

To Jiyeon, tho you're having your dream high 2 filming(which will be tired tgt with lovey dovey pract and stages,) you mv fail to do your best on stage. Thank you for that! Showig your absolute to diadems! Thank you! You too! Have a happy new year!

To Soyeonnie, heheh! Thanks for the awesome message! I believe Soyeons and the other fans will support you all the way as T-'s new leader! No doubt about that! It's great to hear you ladies always want to do awesome things to your family members( fans ) and even if the plan kinda flopped. You ladies still didn't stop trying, and intend to try till the end of your voices! Thank you do much for that! I may not be the best fan. But I will be the best I can be! And the fan of T-ARA!( I believe everyone on diadem forum agree with me too!

You toon HWAITING! I awaits your awesome leading to the group to many many successes! However! You don't need todo so much to impress us! You alone is like a gem to us! I have such awesome time hearing you sing! No doubt, I love you Soyeon!

To Hyominnie, yes yes! A reply! Tho idk if you would receive it. :/ but anyways! Thank you do much for an awesome job as the previous leader! You really did a good job! Well! You nv to impress me in all that you've done so far! Always being pretty. And even when you do silly things. You still look pretty and awesome. You have nv stop putting a smile on my faces whenever you're mentioned by anyone. Started from IY(청춘불패) I have always wanted to speak to you in person. I grown to like you so much as a fan of T-ara and you. I have learnt so much about kpop, (my desktop is full of your pictures! Also my avatar and signature of diadem forum too!) .. Any-o-how, and what you said and did us really meaningful! Not a joke! You're really cute and pretty. No doubt. You yourself is alrd 대박! I love you Hyominnie! Take extremely good care of yourself! Also!~ your fellow members! T-ara HWAITING! Looking forward for the new year as I can see you more again on stages! ㅋㅋ, thanks again! Hahah, feel great with you're around! 당신을 사랑합니다!

Also to te rest of the members! Stay healthy and awesomely pretty. I love all of you just as simple as 123. It's pure in surface, but complicated inside. T-ARA FOREVER! Saranghae!

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So Soyeon fans are called Soyeons now^^

Im glad that Soyeon took noticed about us fans,so she will be watching us if we

happened to attend their performance^^And im happy to hear that they will be giving us

fandome an official name soon.But one thing im not happy is why do they need to stop twitter.

They have their own right and freedom to online and say what's on their mind.They are also human

beings just like us.

As for Jiyeon,i already knew she was going to act as that role.They always ended up giving Jiyeon

the same role.But as always Jiyeon is a pro.Her acting skill is superb..no comment..full stop!!

Jiyeon Hwaiting^^

As always Hyomin is being caring towards Jiyeon and Eunjung.She knew us fans would be worried for them.

Hyomin is always that lovely and being a dork even writing a note for us fans.Love her way of writting.

I wished T-ara all the best and good health too.

And please make T-ara online twitter as soon as possible,or else

there is no used of me using twitter.Since i have twitter because of


T-ara Hwaiting <3

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T-Ara!! T-Ara!! T-Ara!!!

we'll support no matter what!!! FIGHTING!!!!

i'm so Glad you all continue to do your best! i really appreciate and look forward for every surprises from T-Ara!!

stay healthy, eat well and rest well too!!

and pls comeback to twitter asap! CCM pls let them..that's one way to express their self and get close with fans..

T-ARA <3

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Lol, I had no idea Soyeon called her fans "Soyeons" - that's beyond cute! <3

The girls' messages were really heartfelt and sincere. I especially enjoyed reading Hyomin's laundry letter and Soyeon's message.

You can really tell that as Diadems/Citrines (?) we're totally spoiled by these girls, who constantly think about their fans!

T-ara fighting~

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jiyeon always give short message while soyeon n hyomin.. . .longer..huhu..jiyeon play bad role like eunjung..i can't hate eunjung..n i can't hate jiyeon too..(honestly, i hate the other role who make eunjung become bad....haha..i guess i gonna hate other role too in dh2 but not jiyeon)..i proud to be diadem..thanks, t-ara..i just love t-ara very much..

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thanks for the translation....

that was a cute massage by jiyeon,soyeon, & hyomin....i can't stop smiling even after i read it....

they should having a good holiday for these new year....so don't think too much...

just think having a good time with your family & friends....ok...

i understand why they can't use twitter...

we fans will always waiting for you here to see your bright smile & happy face after you back from holiday...

T-ara fighting~~~~ :)

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a hateful character? o_o Hmm that part could mean so many things xD 20 more days to go~

Happy New Years T-ara!!

"Let’s all make health our first priority in 2012!!" ---- You should take care of yourself too!!

"I’m counting all of the placards when I’m on stage…

In other words, I’m checking and taking attendance of our Soyeons with my eyes *laughs*;" --- Lol you make me laugh hehehe xP

"There may still be a lot of areas in our comeback performance where we fall short on…" -- There wasn't anything that seemed off while you were performing so i thought you guys did a great job :D

Loved Hyomin's letter, especially since it was handwritten! XD

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THIS is awesome.. :) especially Jiyeon's short but meaningful sincere message, Soyeon's message (dat she actually could see T-ara fans among other bunch of crowds) and Hyomin's.... laundry letter...XD

We Luv You too..xD

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