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[OFFICIAL/PICS] T-ara's 1st photo-book


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[OFFICIAL/PICS] T-ara's 1st photo-book ‘Sparkle’ (03/09)




CREDIT: t-arafan + Sweettreasurer + tiaradiadem.com

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OMG they look so cute and beautiful and omg i can't explain it in meaning but they are so so so beautiful and cute

the one that spot me is the second picture that they do random pose they're sooo cute Eunjung make a cute face , Soyeon make a sexy pose and Hwayoung make a sexy sit i love them <3

Eunjung,Soyeon,Hwayoung Forever ♥

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woe is me whom has not enough cash. Damn these never seen before photos will be worth the money definitely, i'm buying this mainly for the hwayoung omg i cant wait to see more of her, looking real cute in the outfits in the first 2 photos.

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they all looks so gorgeous!!!

i love the first and the second pic, looks pretty it's just i love everything more dark and dark, full of darkness lol

eunjung looks cool :wub: :wub: and her pose in the second pic, i don't know why but quite looks funny for me lol :D

i love hyomin, qri ,soyeon and jiyeon at the first pic, i love their style and they look fabulous with their own pose especially jiyeon and qri :lol:

i like hwayoung's skirt, seriously really cute and it suits her a lot B)

and boram.... ... why are you so cute with one bond of hair?? :D :D i really love her hairstyle recently :lol:

i can't wait for the other photos :)

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