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  1. really that's cool~!

    Lucky u =3= lol have fun~! ^^

    Ikr me too I wish that they could go over here or yea I could over there. :D

    it would be so much fun~! :) I would be really happy ^^

  2. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~!

  3. No it's okay me too sorry for the late reply :(

    yup I went vacation there like 2 summers ago I think and no I'm full Filipino from what I know ^^

  4. Hi~! Yea it's been a while now huh ? Sorry too ^^" oh and ur welcome :D

  5. Thanks for adding me ^^

  6. I haven't lived in the Philippines but I went during vacation before and we're planning to in the future ^^ I love it there :D

  7. Thanks unnie :)

    oh school barely ended so it'll start like around August.

    yup I'm a Pinay that lives in the U.S. ^^

  8. Hi~! Thanks for adding me ^^

  9. It's okay I understand

    I'm not here too when you were here :(

    and yea I will miss all my classmates X{

    I'm gonna be in high school O.O

    yea I am Filipino. ^^

  10. Hi Unnie~!

    I'm here now too :)

    and it's okay I understand I have or had many activities too. School :( It's almost over for us.

  11. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~!

  12. ohh ok then ^^

    Tell me too then okay :)


  13. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~!

  14. Your welcome~!

    It's okay I understand :)

    We're all busy right? and it's fine cuz i have a lot of work from school too X{


  15. That's great then oh and the weather is hot O.O It's gonna be hot here soon too Xp

  16. It's okay i understand.

    I've been busy too :(

    but Hwaiting~!

    oh and your welcome ^^

  17. oh okay then you too then :)

    Good night~!

    Sleep well~!


  18. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~1

  19. Your welcome ^^

    And thanks too :D I hope so too :)

  20. Your welcome ^^ Thanks :)

    and it's okay I understand :D

  21. Welcome to Tiara Diadem~!

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