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  1. lol sure, why not :D

  2. nope i dont mind lol..do it if you can stand twitter spams

  3. jt-

    no i did not

  4. hey, do you mind if i follow you on twitter too ? (is it weird for me to ask lol)

  5. Its in an alley full of bars and cafes, should be easier if you take a taxi there. closest subway should be shinsa. id probably take the train to shinsa and cab down here are some photos of the cafe http://s1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/jtlol1991/pageone/
  6. [FANTAKEN] Pictures from Cafe Page One (07/30) For the rest of the images, visit : http://www.tiaradiad...lery&album=1369 For the rest of the images, visit : http://www.tiaradiad...lery&album=1369 CREDIT: jt- + tiaradiadem.com
  7. Hi ^^

    nice to meet you ^^

  8. I see you creepin~

  9. Oh mannn but it's gonna be 20 over dollars or more on gmarket korea. it's alright if you can't get it, thanks!

  10. Sorry I've already got a lot of request for albums and stuff from friends and famliy.I'm bringing limited amounts of cash and gotta account for my luggage space as well..I can try but no promises..you are better off getting it at gmarket korea though

  11. jt- can help me get absolute album from Korea?

  12. [PICS] T-ARA's departure from changi airport For the rest of the images, visit : For the rest of the images, visit : Download This Photo Set : .RAR :megaupload For the rest of the photos ive taken from kpop heal the world 2011 , please visit this link
  13. hi have a nice day!..btw can you help how to vote in mnet summer choice?..bcuz i want to vote T-ara!..

  14. lol soyeoun on your members title hehe

  15. Try gom player and see if it works

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