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  1. They have the same lips but other than that, I don't see it. Plus she doesn't have that hair style anymore.
  2. Wow I couldn't even tell that was her!! The thick red lipstick really stand out against her blonde hair. She can rock any style.
  3. Hahaha her eyes look completey different sizes but she's still pretty no matter what.
  4. They look so cute together! Especially with the couple outfit, they'd make an awesome couple. Both have so much in common.
  5. She has great style!! She must be really busy, hopefully she gets adequate rest too!
  6. 5 dolls need to work on the wording of their statements because it can seem a little ungrateful. Although T-ara got more of the spotlight during their performances, more people were also brought to know 5 dolls as well.
  7. They're all pretty in their own way and it must be so annoying to constantly hear that you look like someone else.
  8. It was such a cute performance. If they had their own group it would undoubtedly be successful lol.
  9. Awww the Moon brothers are super duper adorable!! It's so sad that it's over now.
  10. Lol Jiyeon is always happy when there's food around (especially on Heroes). Glad to know they eat somewhat normally with all their busy schedules.
  11. Wow she has changed.... It would be better to see her with a fuller face and hopefully she has the time to eat full meals with her schedule!
  12. AWWW she looks so tired. I hope she's catching up on her sleep now! Idols are like machines sometimes, working with little to no sleep
  13. She's still pretty and no amount of make up can change that. Although I agree there's too much make up, it's just the concept for the song.
  14. Wow she's amazing and totally dedicated to the group!! I have lots of respect for her professionalism.
  15. They are the original so no one can take that away from them. Now the copy cats just seem funny to watch.
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