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  1. I was thinking of a word but I dunno how to say it. But this came!!! That word is "over-dramatic".
  2. He said: she said. I dont believe this s***. Unless HwaYoung is the one who confesses herself.
  3. There are only 2 answers to this. 1) If Eunjung is acting, then the movie itself won't be successful since there are many antis out there now. 2) If it won't be successful, then the director will replace her with someone else. Sadly, the truth...
  4. Woohoo!!! 70 people?!!! That's amazing!!! And Ahreum is pretty!! And I like Qri's hair. And I'm loving HwaYoung's rapping more. And... so on, and so on.... Never ending love for T-ara!!! Hwaiting!!
  5. 1st. Love what you do | 2nd. Do what you love.

  6. I would seriously get this photo book. It;s expensive though, $68 @ yesasia. =)
  7. I can't sleep yesterday, just thinking they would replace anyone. It seems true now... =( I don't like this.... ㅠㅅㅠ How I wish all these is just a bad dream... Adding new members, it's okay with me. Replacing... is really sad. I would add new members and make a sub-unit of them instead of replacing the old ones. 1 sub-unit specialize in singing and the other acting/variety. In the end, this is still so sad... Hope that KKS will think through all this and decline everything. Right now, all I could say is "T-ara hwaiting!" *Please let this be a dream...* All these times, when T-ara is at their top of the game, all of a sudden, a change? It's like a change of fate. The new T-ara might not be as successful as the T-ara now!! Let's protest!! Say "NO" to replacing!!! I wanna cry right now.... ㅠㅅㅠ
  8. Is this a serious matter? I mean what is KKS thinking?!!! I don't wanna see them split!!! Even adding a new member won't do any good!!! T-ara is in the best condition right now!!! T.T I hope it's just rumors....
  9. Thumbs up to Hyominie~ 효민이 짱!! So "Speed" is not T-ara's song but Co-Ed? I'm so confused at first.
  10. Woot!!! THAT CAP!!! I have one. xD I still love HwaYoung with short hair. =P T-ara fighting!!
  11. Number... what??? ONE!!! AND THREE!!! T-ara Davichi daebak!!!
  12. Gelly Gelly!!! Woot!! At last!!! Hyomin is on Running Man!! No subs?? Juat watching the raw video will be fine!!!
  13. Giving away Funky Town album?!!! I want one!!!! =D T-ara jjang!!!
  14. She looks different!!! Really pretty!! =) Seen JiYeon in wedding dress too. ^.^
  15. T.T It's always them.... Not that I'm an anti but its kinda bias. D= But anyways, T-ara still can catch up and that's a good thing! =)
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