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  1. o really??? :P

    you were gone for a long time.

    anyway, miss you too

  2. oppaaa T__________T i miss youuuuu u,u

  3. hoho.. if my bro allowed me to use photoshop. :A

  4. my current sig? yep its made by me,im using photoshop

  5. yess!! CCM love awww Sungje and eunjung hahahahaha :DD btw sungje is such a kind person T-ara & supernova jjang~~~
  6. hi have a nice day!..^^

  7. just want to ask u..ur current siggy..is that made by u? if yes,what program?if photoscape..can u teach me how to mix 2 pic like ur siggy??? sharing is caring.. =D

  8. ahhh thank you my frienddd :)

  9. i forgot to wish you happy birthday.. happy birthday to you my friend..:D

  10. hey thanks for the birthday wishhh :)

  11. aaaaaaaaaa kakakak makasih ucapan ultahnyaaa :)

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