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  1. omg!!! they meet T.I.?! hw cool is tat, one of my fv rapper and my fav girl grp... daebak!!
  2. awww. both kyu and hyomin is my fav bias... but y chinese version... the language barrier will be a prob bt will definitely watch
  3. yeah..i am glad that t-ara girls are finally getting notice... their hardwork have paid off.. can't wait for their comeback...
  4. at first i detest the idea of they kept changing leader as i feel Eunjung is the best role to be a leader ( i am not a Eunjung bias, more towards Hyomin..lol) but thinking back i have to eat my words, i feel that its a great exposure and great experience for them to shift leader as at least the other member will be able to learn to be more responsible. yeah..its finally hyomin turn to lead...can't wait for their comeback and cant wait on how leader hyomin will bring to the table..
  5. WAAAAH!!! Daebak!!! wow..that is a huge sum of money... go t-ara... its good that they finally be able to be recognised... hope they will be making a sucessful debut in Japan and spread the love... weeh....hwaitting!
  6. she look pretty in this picutre..well..she look hot no matter wat she wear..lol
  7. OMG!! the doll is soo cute... i am soo jealous...hyomin is so lucky... hehe..she deserved it...
  8. omg!!! i am anticipating this movie more and more... along side hyomin movie also as well.. i hope it will be air in singapore....
  9. really?? wow cool..hyomin is one undisputed fashionista... its really stylish concept tis time round...better dress then 5 dolls first debuted... lets hope hyomin able to styles t-ara next
  10. i cant wait to watch this..thankiu for the info.. i hope singapore will be able to feature this movie...
  11. OMg!! sooo cute... especially during the broadcast....he is superb jealous of Geonil... well at least its prove that he does have some feeling for eunjung.. hehe...he kept wanting to drop by the set to see geonil..hehe... i am starting to love more and more with this couple.. cant wait for the next episode...
  12. daebak!!! i hope the profit will spread evenly...aniwae...tis is super cool..its seem t-ara finally have been recognised... hope ccm will give them enuf rest...
  13. i am a bit disagree on Eunjung not an idol... She is an idol too..just because she is not in a big name entertaiment like SM or JYP... she is still an idol too. oh well..anyway...i dont really like the guy, was hopping it will be with some idol group.. but that's ohkie...at least since there is Eunjung will definitely watch WGM...hope diadem will sub tis..
  14. Omg!!!! swoons...i will definitely watch wgm nw becox of her..weeh...i hope.her hubby is someone cute and hv great chemistry..i dont mind tace though bt i doubt so...hope the guy will nt be too old...
  15. Omg!!! kahamsida..i loveur subs...thankiu so much for taking ur time to painstankingly sub every t-ara variety shows for non korean speakers like us..will definitely check it out at daily motion soon...
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