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  1. it's just a quick notify since you are also a staff.

    please reduce your siggy 50px in the width.

    thank you!

  2. hi. just want to ask. why i can't change my signature?

  3. sorry for the spamming.. it was an accident.. my internet was not stable at that time.. sorry..

  4. Thats a good thought he had there. All parties benefit from this. There is more airtime for t-ara members and fans will be happy.. =))
  5. lol ~ Eunjung gt bullied? Well done netizens. you did it again.. Letting others to have the chance to be a leader = bullied? =_=
  6. Please read the general rules thanks

  7. Stop quoting pictures thanks. Please read the general rules http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2 05. Do not quote images and flash materials. - If you are quoting a reply/post that contains embedded or image material, please remove them from the quote. There are people out here that have a difficult time using this forum because it will take forever to load. Please be considerate.
  8. Oh my... these netizen really have too much free time.. T-ara wont crash because of that. And we cant compare engines with human. lol.. Jiyeon hwaiting!
  9. wow.. 3 takes of painkillers.. that pain must have been killing her. bravo to eunjung! Anyway t-ara end their good bye stage well.
  10. thanks I'm gonna watch it just for that part haha xD

  11. ep18. the one iu was telling about the piggy. =)

  12. That is pretty cute haha which episode is it? I haven't been updating myself on Heros :|

  13. Yea. Jiyeon is whacking Iu. How cute they are together. =)

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