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  1. such a mirror lover and make up lover wonder what makes her do that (makeup) haha
  2. wow that sweet,but i hope i was dating her hahaha, i will give her the best of loves hahaha
  3. I Wish she has a happy relationship thought , and the fanatic fans don't angry at her .. Idol is human too
  4. oh my god! that guy must be the luckiest men in this world ) i would love to be hers to (eventhough i'm a girl) hahahah
  5. i dont want to be that "EX"boyfriend hahahaha i'll hung myself if i am haha
  6. hes soo awesome! Seeing her answer it seems like it was a nice and clean breakup or Eunjung is very kind and mature to let it go either way its a win win showing how great Eunjung is!
  7. t always a hassle when they are involved with dating rumors but it is good that she is able to say something about it now.
  8. Qri in King Geunchogo too! it's like... so T-ara-full! hahaha definitely looking forward to this drama even more ^^ I should start watching it now so that by the time Eunjung & Qri make their appearances
  9. Qri is gonna be on the same drama as eunjung! I bet the drama will be so exciting with eunjung and qri acting in it lookiing forward to see this drama jaaanng
  10. waaaah congratz to both eunjung and qri:) hopefully they rock it goodluck girls, hope you'll visit our country soon
  11. T-ara girls sure are full of surprises! Yesterday was EunJung and today is Qri.. l Hope for the best for these two~! hope they'll be showing good acting for this drama
  12. ,i love her with her funny act,, right now she gonna be MC in WGM...hehehe...i'm gonna watch this show I wonder what her reactions will be like and what'll she'll say. It's gonna be so fun
  13. it's time for the "busiest person ever" to have some rest. good job jiyeon!! please have a rest and take care of yourself.oi hope she'll get enough rest and energy fot T-ara next comeback
  14. maybe jiyeon and joon will make a cute couple, can't wait for it . and eunjung and lee jangwoo , i think they will become a good couple to.. they will be kind of kangin and eun ji couple i think ?
  15. Just because of Jiyeon i wanna watch this movie in korean ^^ And Eunjung looks so cute in WGM I hope Jiyeon has a nice long break! She deserves one after working so hard for so long
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