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  1. [12.08.09] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love Comeback @ Music Core

    will update with a HD one soon when available...


    tblij, "the performance we watch every week is the product after they edit the best scenes of pre-record stages"

    "all of stage are pre-record, the fanchant we heard every stage is made at pre-record stage"

    nathaniel, " they show prerecorded perf despite t-ara really perf live today too"

    so i guess today's performance was prerecorded, and the live one wasnt broadcasted..damn i wanted to hear fanchants, there were around 60 queens supporting them for their live stage today.

  2. [12.08.27] Quick News - Jiyeon and Eunjung's mum veave messages for fans

    Translation by s-park:

    Greetings everyone, I am the mother of Eunjung

    I am really grateful and thankful to you for coming a long way just to give your support.

    They (T-ara I suppose) will resume their activities in August,

    Hyomin, Soyeon and Eunjung are filming recently, please show them your guidance

    I love you guys, thanks

    NOTE : I think this was before Eunjung left 5F, and because things were uncertain at that time that might explain why her mum said T-ara was coming back in August when it seems to be unlikely now.


    Jiyeon mom signed on my photobook. "My girl! Hwaiting! Love you


    cr :

    ming5367 / baidu

    any other stuff related please post them here.. thanks=D

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