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  1. Hello everyone, I am LordNoodles, aka Ethan, and some of you may know me from my tons of unboxing videos (Shameless plug here), or most likely, from Shoutbox. I was planning a trip to Korea with a friend, to see another friend who's teacher there. Yay! Trip to Korea! Then, to my great fortune, T-ARA'S COMING BACK OMG YISSSSS.

    BUT. I have no idea what I'm doing. Right now my life is a chaotic mess of 5 jobs working 80+ hours a week in our busiest time of year for the student move ins (I live in a college town and work with student rentals). Obviously, I have like no time with all that work. I stop working soon though, just an end to my job. I need to do research, but why reinvent the wheel when we have a community here?

    Tonight was the first time in a little bit I've been able to log on and chitchat a little bit, but I've decided for anything worthwhile, I want to be able to access it in the future (so not on shoutbox or a chat thing).

    SO, what I need to know:

    -How do I go about seeing T-ara live or whatnot? those live shows and promotions

    -If you've had experience, can you detail me in what you did?
    -Do you have any friendly contacts in Korea to help me over there?

    -Any travel tips in general?

    Details of my trip:

    -I fly in Sept 22ish, Central time (-5 GMT)

    -I leave 2 weeks later to Taiwan (I have lots of family over there) I am given the luxury of time and a freer schedule.

    -I'm supposed to see and stay with the friend in Daegu (Yes some 4 hours away) but I am okay with adventuring on my own (She is best taken in doses).

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