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  1. Sunmi? Is that a girl with sexy dance recently? @.@ I think Jiyeon's voice is suitable for ballad songs And Hyomin is great about everything. Anw, goodluck girls!
  2. Happy cuz all of them look so happy ♥ But a little disappointed when i see the threat name, i immediately think about T-ara in bikini )) *pervert*
  3. With Qri's leadership, T-ara may turn to a bling bling princess concept girlgroup xD But anw, Qri hwaiting!!
  4. ah ok dont know much about US environment but you got us by your side. Do and try your best But the first thing you girl must do now is learning English, cuz i find your Engrish so funny haha
  5. Lol wae so funny xD just like im watching IY once again xD
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