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  1. wait for me Queen!!! i'll definitely come.. sooooo excited yeah..do spread it..i don't wanna miss the fun too ^____^
  2. just enjoy the stage!!! just like queen's enjpy the song!! We love t-ara because of the great musics...not because of the awards ^____^
  3. and people actually believe that Dani is the one that release this statement? well, who knows if KKS was the one that plan all these??
  4. come on ccm... stop using cheap publicity... i'm tired of all ccm's xxxx... ever since the promise thing..donation thing... and now this?? using their idols... =___=
  5. omg..i'm so excited.. t-ara will be performing on music bank starting from next week!!! i miss them and wondering the chart ranking of lovey dovey
  6. give them a big clap!! who cares if they didn't win much in music shows.. T-ara is like sillent killer..LOL!!!
  7. T-ara's year is this year!!! this is indeed a very great news!! official fan club, concert and full album! still i hope they can come to my country..LOL
  8. Happy and sad at the same time =) =( "This year, T-ara will take a break from acting to focus on recording new music and focus on a more vigorous schedule in Japan." Happy since they can focus on their music But sad since they'll have "vigorous" schedule in Japan..and can't watch them acting i prefer them to have more schedule in SK instead of Japan
  9. LOL..Hyomin and her hyperbolic gestures ^__^ t-ara is indeed a very hardworking group.. always make 2 or more comeback in a year.. they went through a lot to be as popular as today
  10. chicken and money..daebak!! they'll become rich and get enough chicken..yeah
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