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  1. Jiyeon > Eunjung > Hyomin


    This ranking is based on their title tracks alone.


    Album wise, it's Jiyeon > (Eunjung = Hyomin), Eunjung's and Hyomin's songs are just not my taste.


    I didn't have high expectation for any of them. Because tbh, though T-ara has been around for nearly 6 years now, their vocal skills haven't been improved at all. Tell me I'm biased, but Sso is the only one who knows how to know how to sing soulfully, though tbh, her vocal skill is going on a down spiral recently.


    Unfortunately, Jiyeon's voice is too weak for the song, her voice sounds scratchy at parts, like she's going out of breath anytime. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed her performance the most. She has charisma that demands my attention whenever she's on stage.  And for some strange reasons, despite the first few times I cringed when heaing her voice almost go hoarse trying to reach the high notes, I've got addicted to that scratchiness in her voice, which gradually sounds more like a cry in desperation. I think Jiyeon's solo would have met with more success if she had sung it better.


    As for Hyomin's title track, I think it's too slow and too repetitive. To make it worse, they gave her #$#$#%# clothes which are more like for an aerobics junkie back in the 80's, when she has such a sexy body. What a waste and poor Hyomin. Cropping her hair and covering it with an ugly wig was another crime that her stylist had committed.


    Jiyeon's promos was well prepared, whereas Eunjung's was the worst. It almost feels like MBK was contractually obliged to give her a solo debut, so they just perfunctorily put out her album to get it over and done with.


    If the rumor about Sso getting a solo debut next is true, then my theory that solo debut is a condition in their contracts with CCM is correct (Maybe that clause is not in Qri's contract)

  2. After getting the update of the app I had a look at the goods store.


    I want the shirts, and I also want the model with the shirts. If the model doesn't come with the shirts, I'm fine with that too. If the model arrives and the shirt doesn't arrive, I'll start counting my blessings.


    Does anyone know the meaning behind the number 34?


    34" is her chest size. That's the number on the tops she wore in Nice Body. I want a black and a red one.

  3. It's really hard to pick one. They all look pretty in their own way. My eyes keep moving from one girl to another. But when Sso sings, all my attention gets back to her. I love all the hair styles she has for this comeback. I'm glad she gets rid of the bangs.

    My wish has been fulfilled, they all show off their midriffs for this comeback.

  4. I think they should just carry on with their promotions. Haters who determine to hate on T-ara for what they believe the girls did won't change their mind just because T-ara postpone their comeback out of respect for LC.

    As for the public, they may hear about the news and feel sad, but accidents happen and people die everyday, so they would carry on with their lives like before. In regards to other Kpop fans, I'm sure they feel the blow of the news, but give them a few days, they will recover from it and back to enjoy Kpop again.

    Regarding 9/11, I think CCM purposely chose a date that no one could forget.

  5. Below is my fan account:

    I bumped into Sso in a restaurant, or maybe in a restaurant in my dream, because I live quite far from Korea. I don't remember exactly.

    .........Here I cut back thousands of words that described how beautiful and sexy Sso was.........

    I said I was a Ssodroid and asked her how credible the other fan account was. Her answer was:


    She also looked a bit miffed, saying why she got to talk less than Eunjung.

  6. Old username: Felixng

    New username: Felixng

    Link to one of my posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26845-cover-t-ara-number-nine-zidane-chans-guitar-mix/

    Donor: Yes

    I created this new account when the issue with Diadem user accounts happened. But now I've found out that the other account has been magically restored.

    Can you please delete this new account? I haven't made any important posts or PMs, so the a/c could just be deleted. Thanks.

  7. Why do you need to know their parents' names? I just wonder if they have any siblings. I know Sso and Eunjung are the only child. Jiyeon has a brother, Boram has a sister. How about Qri and Hyomin?

  8. My list in no particular order

    1. Roly Poly (mini-drama MV) - Bit**y face Jiyeon. I copy this comment from @maknae23 because that's also what I think. That moment when Jiyeon got on stage and looking as if she was looking at peasants, she completely caught my attention.

    2. I Go Crazy Because of You: Eunjung was so hot there.

    3. Cry Cry: Jiyeon - Because of the slide and the solo dance after that. But I prefer Jiyeon with her long hair, I don't like her wig.

    And Soyeon :D because of her voice. She has become my bias since this song.

    4. Time To Love: Eunjung - because of the high note.

    5. Lovey Dovey: Soyeon- she looked so energetic and happy there.

    6. Day by Day: Soyeon: her voice was so soft and her dance moves were so alluring.

    7. No. 9: Jiyeon - The maknae is getting hotter everyday and this MV is a proof.

    8. Lies (Japanese version): Soyeon - That outfit really enhanced her form.

    9. Na eotteoke/ What should I do / Do you know me: All members. This is such a fun song and each member was given equal time to shine.

    10 Bunny Style: Areum - She looked so good here. As cute as a bunny. And I started to notice her since this MV.

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