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  1. Wow, that's a lot more than what I expected. I thought I would sing only 3 songs.
  2. It's a fun read. If only they could do this for every place they go to.
  3. 34" is her chest size. That's the number on the tops she wore in Nice Body. I want a black and a red one.
  4. Nice nice body. I was a bit worried before, thinking that she would starve herself to lose weight. But she's doing Pilates and is following a diet. So this is good for her health. I don't think she looks too skinny.
  5. Nice, now that's going to cost me a fee of $22 to make an international money transfer. Can't they just set up a paypal account like the Dots?
  6. Old username: Felixng New username: Felixng Link to one of my posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/26845-cover-t-ara-number-nine-zidane-chans-guitar-mix/ Donor: Yes I created this new account when the issue with Diadem user accounts happened. But now I've found out that the other account has been magically restored. Can you please delete this new account? I haven't made any important posts or PMs, so the a/c could just be deleted. Thanks.
  7. Lol, the reflection in her sunglasses looks like her eyes, making her look kinda Qreepy. Or did she just add them in later?
  8. Sso's at her secret log cabin in the woods.
  9. I hope they won't make Jiyeon die in this MV (if they ever make an MV for her song)
  10. Thanks for the update. I have an iPhone so I can't use this Tara-holic app.
  11. OMG, I totally didn't expect this when I clicked on this thread. Now I can't unseen what I have seen. Actually, I had to scroll up to check if I was browsing Diadem and if it was Hyomin.
  12. Wow, Jiyeon is so sexy. And why Sso and Qri didn't wear the same No.9 outfits they used to shoot the MV?
  13. Nice legs. Hyomin at Cafenne. That's the street in front of Cafenne. I reckon SSKU is her uni, so has Hyomin graduated yet?
  14. Great performance from EunMin. But where was the 2nd guy in the audience with the signboard for Hyomin from their 1st appearance on IS 2?
  15. Well, hopefully they still have another concert at the Budokan next year, if not another Japan tour.
  16. Yes, it is. I don't know why CCM hasn't uploaded the clip on their own channel like usual yet. But Kt music is T-ara's official distributor.
  17. Whoever took the photos, the colour combination is perfect.
  18. OMG, Sso looks so good (But who is it in the 2 top photos? ). And the shadow casts just on the perfect place .
  19. HEJ stands for Ham Eun Jung. It's strange that you think of "HyoEunJi" but not her full name. And it's nice to know Hej means "hello" in Swedish. HEJ & QBS
  20. I also think that cassette player is smiling at me . It says "I'm something old from the past with a young spirit". So my vote is for it, too.
  21. Those covers don't look like the products of a professional graphic designer but just someone who knows how to use photoshop. Ugh, bad typography. I seriously don't think those one are designed by a Japanese. Maybe KKS did those himself.
  22. I hope Qri didn't try to eat those flowers stitched to her top.
  23. You can buy the mini album only or with poster (two different listings). This link craZy posted above is to the listing of the mini album only. But next to it on the right hand side, you can see it offered with the poster which costs another $4 bucks. But just use the link above to get to Yesasia to help support Diadem.
  24. OMG Sso... So this is Sso's version of "Breaking Heart" to me. So the rumour back then about them dating each other was true. Anyway, I'm glad that Sso has a boyfriend. It's about time. He'd better treat her right.
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