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    daebak^^ got a reaction from inetryconydot in [13.05.11] Chris Brown sends a love call to T-ara N4, T-ara N4 to travel to LA to meet with him   
    wooahh... so shocked! xD Chris Brown is not a joke, ohh no,, this is a big opportunity to T-ara n4... haha... so i think Im proud of Dani now xD haha...but is the pic photoshopped or is it true? somebody tell me... haha.. wooah... Pray for t-ara n4 and T-ara's future
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    daebak^^ reacted to T-4R4 in [14.07.18] Video HD - Hyomin - Nice Body @ Simply K-pop   
    [14.07.18] Video HD - Hyomin - Nice Body @ Simply K-pop


    Credit: ARIRANG KPOP @ youtube

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    daebak^^ reacted to asah_ara2472 in [FACEBOOK] Caricature Drawings of Hyomin (07/18)   
    Our fans drew a caricature drawing of Hyomin~~
    Does it look like her~? Thank you, Queens fans ♡

    팬여러분들이 효민 캐리커쳐를 그려주셨어요~~
    효민이랑 닮았나요~? 고마워요 퀸즈여러분♡
    CR: Park Hyomin + T-ARA Official Facebook + asah_ara2472 + tiaradiadem
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    daebak^^ reacted to nathaniel in [14.05.27] Jiyeon to reveal original version of   
    [14.05.27] Jiyeon to reveal original version of “1MIN 1SEC” music video at midnight

    Jiyeon will unveil the original version of her solo music video "1MIN 1SEC" tonight at midnight (28th). The original version of the "1MIN 1SEC" music video will show off the pelvic dance and bat-dance and show a stronger side of Jiyeon than the previously released music video.

    The newly released music video will be 30% longer than the one currently published and will have an additional 2minutes of special footage added on. The new music video will be a surprise for fans because the images from the video have not been revealed yet.

    Jiyeon's "1MIN 1SEC" music video has collected a lot of attention, especially overseas in China where it was ranked first on the K-pop music videos chart.
    Source: http://www.starnnews.com/news/index.html?no=301490
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    daebak^^ reacted to Robbe_881 in [14.05.22] Video HD - Jiyeon's "1Min1Sec" @ M!Countdown   
    [13.05.22] Video HD - Jiyeon's "1Min1Sec" @ M!Countdown




    Credit: Kim io @ youtube

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    daebak^^ reacted to CptFantasy in [IG] Namhyuntee's Update Feat. Jiyeon (05/20)   
    Nam Hyuntee is Jiyeon's stylist.
    Click spoiler for direct links to images.

    # Jiyeon # jennyhouse

    #jiyeon #comeback #1분1초 #jennyhouse #jennyhousekimnamhyun #제니하우스김남현

    #지연 #1분1초 #솔로컴백 #제니하우스김남현 #제니하우스 #jennyhouse

    CR: Namhyuntee@instagram + Park Jiyeon + CptFantasy + Tiaradiadem
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    daebak^^ reacted to aleya in [14.05.13 Video - JI YEON[지연] "Never Ever[1분1초]" M/V Teaser   
    14.05.13 Video - JI YEON[지연] "Never Ever[1분1초]" M/V Teaser

    credit : coremidas @ youtube

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    daebak^^ reacted to nathaniel in [14.05.01] Info - Hyomin's translated interview with May's issue of Celebrity magazine   
    [14.05.01] Info - Hyomin's translated interview with May's issue of Celebrity magazine

    It hurts, so it is youth.
    The camera is only natural to Hyomin. After T-ara’s debut in 2009, a camera that captures her every move has always been around her. At the same time as an actress, to Hyomin the camera is a paintbrush that paints another self to her. She was the subject to all of those enormous cameras. In order to capture Hyomin’s face, the camera got so close that her face almost bumped into photographer Cho Seihon‘s face. What she was asked of was no other than a delicate sentiment. Like when a movie director goes for an extreme close up in order to fill the whole screen with extreme sentiments. Even up so close, through a flush of rage from her girly and lively face, she pulled out the emotions of holding in bitter tears in front of the camera that backed away like a slightly sullen lover. The thought occurred that it’s Hyomin who can make all kinds of facial expressions from the bright expression of the vampire girl in Director Tomas Alfredso’s “Let The Right One In”, Lina Leandersson, when she said “Can I come back?” to her angry expression from when she got rejected. Just like that, Hyomin was a woman with various facial expressions.
    Interviewer: You already entered Sungkyunkwan University Department of Performance Arts before you debuted as a singer. So it seems that you already had a dream of becoming an entertainer before a singer.
    Hyomin: Actually, my dream was a theater and musical actress. And so, I participated in the drama club activities when I was a high school student and even learned acting in an acting academy and a small theater company before the entrance exam.
    It seems that you were a girl who had charms to her acting.
    Hyomin: When I was young I was an extremely passive person. Since I was a kid, we had so many art supplies at our home given that my parents majored in arts. As I was thinking whether I, too, should do arts, I saw the Anyang Art High School uniforms by coincidence. I think I thought that I got to wear those pretty uniforms. That was probably during my second year of middle school.
    You weren’t originally from Anyang Art High School, were you?
    Hyomin: That’s right. As soon as I applied there my (grades) dropped. So I got so spiteful. To the point that I bought books about acting. Back then, I probably felt that I should go to a university that’s better than the ones my High School friends are going to. I did better than normal at the SAT, so I was able to attend to the university I’m attending now.
    You gained recognition as you first debuted in a girl group, then you finally started your acting career, that was your dream, with the horror movie “Ghastly”. The moment you were confirmed in the casting is a moment you cannot forget in your lifetime.
    Hyomin: Actually, because this opportunity has been my dream since I was a student. I was so happy at the thought that I was slowly approaching my goal. My parents too were so happy, they prepared lots of delicious food that day.
    However, the reaction to your movie debut was considerably cold.
    Hyomin: Each of Eunjung unnie and Jiyeon filmed a horror movie at the same time. Both of their movies went well. However for “Ghastly”, the judgements on it being ‘Rated 19’ overlapped and it did poor. But on my stance, this work was just my first step. of course, it would’ve been great if it started off well but it couldn’t. However, rather than being disappointed, I was more excited about finally having acted in a movie.
    After that you were casted as the lead in Japanese movie “Jinx!!!”, it even had a Korean premiere. But it indeed did poor on box-office.
    Hyomin: Truthfully, the fact that this work was premiered in Korea, alone, made me satisfied.
    What kind of role do you definitely want to try in the future?
    Hyomin: The role that I really want to try is a character that you can never predict. Seeing the girl Moon Sori sunbae-nim played in Director Lee Changdong’s “Oasis”, I thought that I really want to do such a character with lots of stories behind it. I’m not still that young. But I want to have as much experiences as possible. I also want to try a play and a musical.
    Although your singing career is also important, it seems that artist Hyomin has more interests in acting. In this area, do you have any sunbae that you set as your role model?
    Hyomin: Thinking of an actress who’s really good at acting, there is one that I would definitely watch any new work of hers. It’s Jeon Doyeon Sunbae-nim. I think that the aura that she gives off, by itself, is very cool. Also, Kim Minhee unnie is one of the actresses that I want to be like.

    Today, the camera got too close that it almost touched your nose. It was a little bit awkward.
    Hyomin: This is the first time I get this much close to the still camera. I inwardly thought that it would be similar. But since it’s the same camera anyway. Also, because the feelings I was portraying are similar as well. I have a close relationship with writer Cho Seihon. So I think I was able to be in touch with my emotions without any burden.
    What kind of relationship is it?
    Hyomin: He’s, in fact, my photography teacher. We got to know each other through T-ara’s album jacket shooting. After that, I started to help him like an assistant at photo-shooting of other artists in the same company, and slowly learned photography from him.
    Is photography a hobby of yours?
    Hyomin: I still can’t call it a regular job. As I am intending to learn it again, I don’t have the time to do so.
    Do you have lots of cameras?
    Hyomin: A lot. I also like collecting them. I have from toy cameras to DSLR Nikon to D800 to even vintage ones from about the 20s. I even have the lens that teacher Cho needs. Actually, although I like playing with camera angles, I like taking pictures of other people so much on the contrary.
    Have you also tried film cameras? We are curious if you felt of their difference from digital photos.
    Hyomin: Of course. I have various film cameras that I use including toy cameras. The happy thing about the work that you shoot with the film is probably the ‘anticipation’ and ‘curiosity’. I really like the period of anticipation spent wondering what was it that I filmed, and how did I film that.
    As we are shooting today, your face by itself is so beautiful.
    Hyomin: Rather than beauty, it seems to be the great variety of faces due to the change of the angel and facial expression. Looking at my photos, there are times when I get surprised at my facial expressions. There are also times when I look strange. haha. So I think it’s just the charm of the photographs themselves.

    On the coming May, you’re debuting as solo singer Hyomin not T-ara Hyomin. This is a very great deal to an artist.
    Hyomin: I am not feeling this yet. I think I have to go up on stage for the first time first so that I will be able to feel it. Although it’s my first work under my name, I’m not feeling greedy about this. If I say this it will be considered a lie. Rather than wishing to do better than T-ara, I want to show people that “that kid is a T-ara member but she can show such stage by herself” and “so that friend is a friend who had lots of charms”.
    T-ara is a girl group who climbed to the top on the same time they debuted. However, nowadays, even when you release new music you still are not being able to get back to old days’ glory. It must be so upsetting.
    Hyomin: All of the members feel the same. Because we can’t blame the the outcome that has already been on anyone. It’s our fault. By this we are admitting to our mistake. Just as much, we are going to oblige ourselves to try even harder. Honestly, we did get upset. Because we worry what to do if our efforts all go down the drain.
    Being called an idol, acting-dol, concept-dol, etc. This is definitely because you’re an idol group member. You might have perhaps wanted to gradually get rid of this idol title.
    Hyomin: Before being called as such, I had a choice I’ve decided myself. That would be a girl group named T-ara. So I didn’t necessarily feel the need to get rid of that. Although I do hope to be called an actress rather than an acting-dol, right now T-ara is far more important to me. Right now is a very important point of time for us as group members.
    We are curious of whether your music is all your choice.
    Hyomin: The only genre that we haven’t yet tried is obvious. It’s our own preference of music that is very different than T-ara music. Jiyeon is debuting as a solo on 30th of April first, it’ll be quite refreshing to listen to her and my music.
    You are clearly taking the route of a singer, but as time passes it feels as if you’re focusing more on acting.
    Hyomin: I have so much interests in acting so that could happen. That’s why I try not to choose the short way. While standing on stage is a very valuable experience for me, doing movies is also an experience I can not throw away even when my movies did poor on box-office. I want to try my best and properly show everyone when I mature. Of course, there are also still lots of things I want to do as a T-ara member.
    Scanned images: @de_Areumino @ Flickr
    Translations credit: FY! T-ara @ Tumblr
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    daebak^^ reacted to nathaniel in [14.04.24] Female solo singer A disposes new music video   
    [14.04.24] Female solo singer A disposes new music video’s controversial clips.. Is “solo singer A” Jiyeon?

    According to a blind item post on Instiz, a female solo singer called “A” has discarded parts of new music video ahead of her comeback.
    The article reveals that the music video featured controversial clips of the singer with rushing water and in a water-filled box. The music video shoot took place on the 16th before the ferry accident came to light, but considering the current atmosphere, it would only be right to not disclose the controversial content of the video.

    The music video description fits Jiyeon pretty well, as we saw a soaking wet Jiyeon dancing in the rain in her previously released BTS spoiler video.
    The agency of the singer said, “A lot of money and hard work went into the shoot, but considering the current situation, we gathered opinions on if we should dispose of the content. It was only natural to. We do not want to cause any sort of inconvenience at all to the families of the incident so we have decided we will not show those parts.”
    The singer was scheduled to comeback at the end of April and the beginning of May, but it’s been delayed. The agency said, “We do not know for sure the timing of the comeback since broadcasters are not sure either. We will carefully watch the situation and rearrange the schedule.”
    It was revealed that the planners of the comeback are incredibly worried now. Performing on music shows and getting on the rankings is a priority, but it looks like music shows won’t be back until around the second week in May for sure. Even with that, it’s difficult to guarantee a good spot. The comeback for “A” was supposed to be in April because the solo singer had already had a comeback with her group prepared afterwards. The already narrow-gap for her comeback has disappeared.
    Jiyeon’s solo debut was going to be at the end of April through mid-May, since T-ara is also preparing a group comeback in Japan with their third Japanese album Gossip Girls on May 15th. Of course, with T-ara’s jam-packed schedules, Jiyeon had a very minimal amount of time fit for a solo debut.
    Despite that, the agency of “A” has said they are flexible though. They said, “We will look at the what’s the best. It’s more likely that the album will just have come out around July during the World Cup.”
    Source: Instiz
    Translations by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
    So what do you think? Do you think female “solo singer A” is Jiyeon? Sexy music video filmed in water, comeback in late April, part of a girl group coming back in May.. I think “A” is definitely Jiyeon because the details describe Jiyeon’s situation pretty perfectly. The news is a little bit upsetting, but it’s only a small change that had to be done so we shouldn’t worry.
    Nonetheless, nothing can compare to the tragedy that happened and is still happening right now in Korea. Please continue to pray for the missing people and the family members affected by the Sewol ferry accident. We can only hope for miracles for those still missing.
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    daebak^^ reacted to JiyeonHolic1100 in [OTHER] Hyomin @   
    Credits: fyt-ara + JiyeonHolic1100 + tiaradiadem

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    daebak^^ reacted to craZy in [DOWNLOAD] T-error Adventures: Cake Day + Special Giveaway Event!   
    New to what T-error Adventures is? Give this a read first!


    After many months in production, we're proud to release the first mini game in an Exclusive series by Diadem, T-error Adventures: Cake Day!

    Help Boram through a strange predicament by recruiting the members of T-ara. They won't come along so easily though. Think your way through to rally up the members in this fun point-and-click adventure minigame!

    Share: http://bit.ly/tiaracakeday

    System Requirements:
    Windows 7 or below
    Possible full screen/windowed mode issue in Windows 8

    Download the game rar. Before starting, run WinSetup and change any settings
    according to your preference (everything is optimal by default.) Set game to
    Windowed mode for optimal display. Run T-error.exe to play. If the game doesn't
    run, check to see if your antivirus is blocking it. This application is virus free, any
    reports is a false-positive.

    While we we work on amending bugs, please take note on the followings:
    - Qir's puzzle can be bypassed if one item is clicked 4 times. Please avoid doing this so you may properly solve the puzzle.
    - If you are unable to pick up the Rilakkuma, try click on various spots on it (most successful is at it's ear).

    Download: T-error Adventures: Cake Day Wallpaper Set


    T-error Adventures Special Giveaway

    In celebration of the release of our very first game, we are holding a special giveaway event! The prizes?

    An exclusive CD of the game, exclusive T-ara cards by Diadem (randomized member) and T-ara's official 2014 calendar!

    - How to enter: leave a comment within this thread sharing your thoughts on the game or ideas for this project series in general
    - To enter the giveaway, you must have 10 spam-free posts
    - One entry per person. Duplicate accounts will lead to a disqualification

    This giveaway will run till January 20th. The lucky winner will be announced on our Twitter.


    We're very happy to finally come to this day, however this is just a very small beginning. Due to our rather tiny team (2 people only) and limited resources, this is only a mini-game featuring limited playable characters. We have many great ideas already for our future games though and as well hope to take on more team members. To motivate and prepare us for our next project, please do provide as much feedback as you can. The results of this 'test phase' so to say will help us determine whether we will continue with this project series or not (we very much would love to though!)

    News, and applications to join the team, regarding the next game will go up after a short time.

    For now, enjoy the game everyone! Please report any bugs/errors you may encounter. We will amend them and update the game. In regards to adding the other members as playable characters, though we'd love to, we cannot guarantee it as right now it would be more efficient for us to allocate our time to the next project (one that involve all the members as playable characters) instead.
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    daebak^^ reacted to nathaniel in [14.01.17] Latest Info - Baek Seunghyun from "Queen Insoo" talks about Eunjung   
    [14.01.17] Latest Info - Baek Seunghyun from "Queen Insoo" talks about Eunjung

    Baek Seunghyun said the most memorable idol he worked with is Ham Eunjung. He said, "Eunjung and I worked together in 'Queen Insoo' and her personality/character is really good and she is a good actress. She works really hard and she always cares about the people around her. Still today we are friends who keep in contact and go out to eat rice sometimes. I only know acting, but she taught me a lot about image. I've learned a lot from her."
    Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201401151730113410
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    daebak^^ reacted to T-4R4 in [TWITTER] Boram's Twitter Update (01/22)   


    Credit: Boram's Twitter + T-4R4 + tiaradiadem

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    daebak^^ reacted to CptFantasy in [Pics] Boram on set for new PV (14.01.21)   
    2014-01-21 15:53:31 イタズラっ子ボラムちゃん!テーマ:from T-ARA

    T-ARA Official Blog (JP) - http://ameblo.jp/t-ara777
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    daebak^^ got a reaction from Hyo'Min in [POLL] Visual for T-ara QBS   
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    daebak^^ reacted to nathaniel in [13.12.26] T-ara's charity event turns out to be a big success   
    [13.12.26] T-ara's charity event turns out to be a big success

    T-ara's event for charity has turned out to be a big success in the end.

    On the 24th, T-ara held a charity event with various donated items being up for sale such as T-ara's old clothing or stage costumes and donations from Davichi, Ha Seokjin, Hwang Jungeum and Son Hojun.

    According to T-ara's agency, one of the items donated to the charity event was a 3,000,000 won (~$2,800) Cameron diamond ring that a Japanese fan visiting the bazaar event purchased.

    T-ara raised a total of 12.5 million won (~$11,500) from the sales and donated about 2.5 million won (~$2,400) directly on the day. On the 27th, T-ara will donate the remaining 10 million won (~$10,000) to the Sharing Campaign "Hope Windmill" organized by the Red Cross by directly visiting the event.

    T-ara said, "We are able to end the year with a warm heart thanks to the many people who took part in the charity event and we give thanks to those who helped T-ara take the steps necessary for it."
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131226n15027
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    daebak^^ reacted to Robbe_881 in [13.12.29] Video HD - T-ara "Number 9" @ SBS Gayo Daejun   
    [13.12.29] Video HD - T-ara "Number 9" @ SBS Gayo Daejun



    Credit: 너메시스 @ youtube

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    daebak^^ reacted to Robbe_881 in [13.12.06] Video HD - T-ara "Do You Know Me?" @ Music Bank (Updated)   
    [13.12.06] Video HD - T-ara "Do You Know Me?" @ Music Bank






    Credit: 껑뚜 @ youtube

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    daebak^^ reacted to arcadey in [SPAZZ] HOW POPULAR IS T-ARA IN CHINA?   
    I've read conflicting reports about how popular T-ara is in China/Taiwan (and neighbouring areas). Some places say T-ara is the most popular Korean girl group in Chinese region, some say that are third most popular after miss A and f(x) (who have Chinese members), and some rankings say they aren't even in the top five most popular.
    Does anybody have any idea of their popularity there? If T-ara is big in China then it basically means they are one of Asia's top girl groups (besides SNSD) since we know they are third most popular Korean girl group in Japan, and already know they have many QUEEN's in Vietnam and places like that.
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    daebak^^ reacted to craZy in [PRESS] T-ara at Gimpo Airport back from Japan (11/26)   
    [PRESS] T-ara at Gimpo Airport back from Japan (11/26)

    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2112-gimpo-airport-back-from-japan-112013/

    CREDIT: Nate.com + Newsen + Issue Daily + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    daebak^^ reacted to Princess Pril in [SPAZZ] T-ara's Number 9 appeared in drama Secret Love as Background Music   
    [sPAZZ] T-ara's Number 9 appeared in drama Secret Love as Background Music


    Number 9 and T-ara are still and always Great! Fighting~!

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    daebak^^ got a reaction from 김효신 in [SPAZZ] How K-netizens reacted to T-ara's number 9 at Dream Concert 2013   
    LOL .. ALL KILL or NOT, for sure t-ara's song will KILL me because their song is always cool and mind-refreshing, and awesome ghadddd like I want to die of happiness xDD
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    daebak^^ got a reaction from vine_hyominnie48 in [SPAZZ] How K-netizens reacted to T-ara's number 9 at Dream Concert 2013   
    LOL .. ALL KILL or NOT, for sure t-ara's song will KILL me because their song is always cool and mind-refreshing, and awesome ghadddd like I want to die of happiness xDD
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    daebak^^ got a reaction from tatablp in [SPAZZ] How K-netizens reacted to T-ara's number 9 at Dream Concert 2013   
    LOL .. ALL KILL or NOT, for sure t-ara's song will KILL me because their song is always cool and mind-refreshing, and awesome ghadddd like I want to die of happiness xDD
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    daebak^^ reacted to Princess Pril in [TWITTER] Qri Twitter Update (09/16)   
    [TWITTER] Qri's Twitter Update (09/16)

    이름 뭘루 지으깡

    "What should I name it"


    Credit: Qri twitter + Princess Pril + Diadem

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