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[SPAZZ] How K-netizens reacted to T-ara's number 9 at Dream Concert 2013


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I just want to know how the audience who watched the Dream Concert reacted to T-ara's Number9. I have read at one fan account that the audience seemed to forgive them by turning on their lightsticks and humming with the chorus part and I have read at another account that K-netizens just remained silent. I really want to know because Number9 deserves all-kill and this could only happen with the help of K-Fans.

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There was audible cheering from male and female fans, and no boos could be heard from the videos I've seen. The male groups received much louder cheers, obviously. Even when Crayon Pop performed, the cheers died down a lot compared to U-Kiss or other male groups, but we all know that's how it works in Kpop lol.

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"I have read at another account that K-netizens just remained silent."

Umm....I don't think you can expect K-netizens to attend a concert lol. Well, okay sure, there were probably some people in the audience who are K-netizens when fumbling with their computer, smartphone, tablet etc., but I don't think many would really bother to actually go and attend.

That being said, an all-kill is difficult to see happening. IU's doing well in the charts right now, along with Busker Busker - and I'm sure anyone who follows Korean entertainment news know that the latter is immensely popular in Korea, especially considering their successes last year. That being said, GG (or TaeTiSeo) is also believed to be having a comeback later this month. An all-kill is probably wishful thinking at best.

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