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  1. [17.02.17] Eunjung to play lead role in upcoming MBC daily drama, 'All Kinds of Daughter-in-Laws' Eunjung is back to the silver screen after 3 years! According to a representative, “Eunjung will be starring as the female lead in MBC’s new daily evening drama ‘All Kinds of Daughter-in-Laws’.” Eunjung will be playing the role of Hwang Eun Byul, a ghostwriter working at a publishing firm. Hwang EunByeol has an elder twin sister. Since she was young, she had to give in to her sister and protect her, and became used to it. She had to do all sorts of homework for her sister, including drawing, writing compositions, book reports and even journal writing. Eunjung’s acting debut was back in 1995, with ‘The New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Know’. She also appeared in many other dramas. ‘All Kinds of Daughter-in-Laws’ is a drama about two sisters always at odd and in the midst of eternal discrimination and complaints, become daughter-in-laws at head-of-state houses. The drama will feature household affairs that happen between sisters, in-laws, mother and daughters, etc. It’s about communication between sisters and the two in-law families, how they forgive, forget and reconcile with one another. This drama will begin airing in April, after the current MBC drama ‘Person Who Gives Happiness’. *** Source: Naver
  2. [17.02.13] Jiyeon temporarily suspends solo comeback preparations, album release postponed Jiyeon's solo comeback after 3 years has been receiving a lot of attention. However, Star News has reported on the 13th that Jiyeon has decided to temporarily suspend her solo comeback preparations. The new album, which was expected to be released towards the end of March or early April, has been delayed. The reason for the the delay is due to past events attracting attention once again. According to Jiyeon's agency, considering the current situation, they will be putting the new solo album production on hold for now. The reason for this is because they do not want to be, by any chance, misunderstood of using the hot issue's popularity and attention, thus bringing down the album's value. In other words, they don't wish to ride solely on the attention of the issue but rather, to receive an assessment and recognition based on the music and album. Therefore, in the current situation, they have decided to temporarily put the album production and recording on hold, delaying the album release and sales. *** Source: Naver
  3. It’s been 8 years since T-ara’s debut and they are now considered veterans of the performance stage. But in front of love, they became ladies with a lot of worries, shy and filled with contrasting charms. Recently, they participated in TV Daily’s ‘Relay Talk!’ segment and gave cheerful yet serious answers to the question “what if T-ara were to pick up their ideal-type idol’s wallet by chance?” The most positive member was Eunjung. Her answer was, “first of all, I would find a lucky 4-leaf clover. I would then coat it prettily and reveal that it’s from me. I will write a message ‘all the best’ and ‘I’ll cheer for you’ with the 4-leaf clover and send it back to the person with his favorite food.” Qri said, “I’d return it. I’d probably write a cute message on a small post-it and leave it where his identification card is at. I’ll reveal that it’s from me but won’t return it personally. I’ll get help from someone to return it.” Boram didn’t know what method to use to get close to her ideal type. She would use her manager to reveal her presence (to her ideal type idol). She said while laughing, “I would probably go ‘woah! Daebak! Incredible!’ and after being shocked for about ten minutes or so, I would hug the wallet while thinking of what to do next. I would think of what should I do so that I can meet him. But while having these thoughts, I'd probably not know what to do because the matter at hand would be very complicated. So I’ll probably talk to my manager oppa about this first. Even then, I would probably secretly tell manager oppa, ‘this guy is my ideal type. You’ll have to return this back to him and let him know what I want to say too.’” Soyeon said, “I’d be troubled by it. Honestly, I wouldn’t be greedy about the money inside the wallet but if I picked up the wallet of my ideal type idol, I would feel a thrill thinking whether it is fate. But whatever thoughts I would have, I wouldn’t be able to think of how I could be lovers with him through the wallet. So I’d probably first talk to manager oppa and discuss with him how to return the wallet.” As for Hyomin, she said, “I would probably not reveal who I am and just leave a message. For example, I would write ‘I’m a fan of yours’ or ‘I’m watching you well’ etc. and get manager oppa to return the wallet to that person’s company.” The only person who revealed her relationship among the members was Jiyeon but her answer was very flat. She said, “I’ll probably need to return it, right? I wouldn’t leave any traces (of myself) and just leave it in the mailbox. If not I’ll bring it to the police station.” Her ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude towards her ideal type idol could be seen. T-ara released their 12th mini album ‘REMEMBER’ and started their promotion activities with title song ‘TIAMO’ since November 9th. ‘TIAMO’ is a song by producer Duble Sidekick. It isn’t an exciting dance style song by T-ara’s representative standards, but a warm and refreshing medium-tempo song, which is gaining traction in Korea right now. *** Source: TV Daily
  4. “Even if we hate, dislike and want to throw it away, it’s still the most precious and important to us.” To the members, the meaning of the group ‘T-ara’ has no choice but to stay. In the past, it was tough because of different rumors but they arrived at this point because they managed to receive the public and fandom’s recognition and acknowledgement. Indeed, they are ‘loved and hated T-ara.’ As time passed, the bond between the members naturally got stronger and closer. “When we first debuted, there were fights and struggles among the members too. But we would think, 'I should just forget about it (and not take it to heart,)' and treat it as the fights between close sisters. We would fight or quarrel in the morning but by lunch time, we'd naturally reconcile. It went on like this (over the years) and as we slowly became older, it seems that we get along with each other well. Now, we don’t even fight anymore.” (Hyomin) There are already 3 members in T-ara who have hit the 30-year-old mark. Boram and Qri are 31 and Soyeon is 30 (Korean age). Hyomin and Eunjung are already in their late 20s. They’ve become an 8-year-old girl group who debuted in 2009. “Excluding Jiyeon, we’re all 1 year apart from each other. That’s why once we hit 30, we won't be able to have extraordinary transformations anymore. Instead of our own individual lives, we have always lived as members of T-ara so it’s hard for us transform. But when we were at our peak in Korea, the other idol groups who had activities with us in the past are no longer here. That is actually pretty sad. If we go to the broadcasting stations and meet our juniors, they really give us the entertainer feels. When we see GFriend or Twice, we'd be excited because they’re really pretty.” (Soyeon) “We gathered among ourselves and set plans for our distant future and first of all, the members have the heart to stay together. We have to be contracted at an agency first or something. Nevertheless, if we do disband in the future, we still hope to be able to gather together sometime. It seems that the T-ara team can be expressed with the term “love and hate”. Even though we hate, dislike and sometimes want to throw it away, it’s still the most precious and important to us. You can say it’s like my everything.” (Hyomin) *** Source: Daum
  5. Girl group T-ara’s new song won’t be an unusual and comical image but more of a feminine and calm concept. It is different from the image T-ara used to emphasize on so it’s awkward but it is a strategy to use an ordinary concept that differentiates them from others. But then again, after T-ara debuted in 2009, they did kitten, robot, Native Americans and many different concepts and choreography. Honestly, it is hard to see other girl groups who have attempted slender and cute concepts, or feminine and sexy concepts, do it as well as T-ara. After 1 year and 3 months, T-ara is knocking on the Korean stages’ doors again. They decided to go through pains to perform a lyrical song on stage. After their debut, their new song TIAMO marks their first time having activities with a medium-tempo lyrical song instead of a fast-tempo dance song. “All this while, whoever sees the extension of what T-ara has shown would just think that this is a T-ara-ish concept so we had our worries of what to do. But we wanted to see how it would be if we were to try something that we had never tried before in the past, so it became a challenge for us. Other girl groups have tried this kind of calm and quiet choreography but we’ve only always tried the unusual concepts, you know.” (Eunjung) “We wanted to do this kind of concept very much so it’s really great that we can do it now. It seems that we can now show a more girl group-ish kind of image. The song and choreography are a good match so it’d be good.” (Boram) “CEO Kim Kwangsoo’s personality is like that, he always wants to do things that others have not done yet. So he was troubled about ‘what is it that T-ara has not done yet?’ One of the things that fans are looking forward to is our transformation (into a new concept). But when we think differently, the things that other girl groups have done, we have not done them even once yet. So this is actually an inverse concept for us to transform.” (Soyeon) T-ara expressed their love and faithfulness towards MBK Entertainment’s CEO Kim Kwangsoo. They had their ups and downs but T-ara emphasized on CEO Kim Kwangsoo’s credits for giving them the opportunity to reach this position. All this while, they were steadily having activities and re-signed their contract twice. While other girl groups’ contracts expired and disbanded, T-ara firmly maintained their team and that was actually very much influenced by their ‘contract expiry date.’ “Our CEO is actually stronger than the 6 of us. It’s a structure where six of us are below him. He’s like our leader. That’s why although all the members have always pretty much accepted his opinions, this seems to be the right thing. The two re-signs happened in the middle of schedules. Once was during a tough time, the other was when it was better. That’s how we got to where we are right now.” (Soyeon) T-ara confessed that their upcoming activities are to engage with their fans actively. They would not only start Korean activities after a long rest, different events are also being prepared. “Winning music shows and charting is not important and we don’t have a specific goal. If we cared about getting first place for sure or great results, we would have chosen our ace ‘funky’ music again, right? But we wanted to have a little more comfortable promotion this time. Interacting and responding to fans while making sweet memories is our first priority.” (Hyomin) *** Source: Daum
  6. Considered to be one of the top idols in terms of ‘extreme mental strength,’ T-ara revealed their honest thoughts about ‘psychological health.’ T-ara revealed their thoughts in an interview with TV Daily in a certain area around Yongsan-gu, regarding the recent complaints from various idols about panic attacks. They said, “we've all been hit at least once (by panic attacks) too.” Since T-ara’s debut, they've had non-stop activities, music shows, variety shows, dramas and movies, etc. and did not even rest. In 2012, because of a conflict and malicious comments that arose, their image took a huge hit. Since then, T-ara have became the main target of hate comments and verbal abuse, receiving a great deal of psychological pain. In a period of 7 years and 4 months (since their debut) in total, they've had to put up with that for more than 4 years. Recently, even though the sort-of trending ‘panic attack’ word is spreading among idols, there are still strong and hateful contents in the responses and comments. In reality, T-ara members confessed in interviews with broadcasts and the media, “we've come to have extreme thoughts. Actually, we've had people in our family who were diagnosed with mental illnesses.” With regards to this, Eunjung said, "I don't think we were used to the word 'panic disorder' at that time. That's why we just promoted without really knowing what condition we had. We promoted while having a disorder. When we look back, there were times when our mentalities were in really bad conditions." Jiyeon said while laughing, "we were all the same (having panic attacks) so we couldn't know any better." Hyomin added, “I didn’t have any thoughts of getting better or avoiding it. Didn’t I just have to accept it? Not only that, when we made mistakes, we should reflect on ourselves and tell ourselves to do better the next time. All 6 of us had that mindset.” Soyeon said, “all 6 of us were like that. We’re the type who just accept it. A really long ago, we had conflicts with our companies when discussing about concepts and stuff too. We had the mindset that this was beyond our capabilities and willpower that we could never do it. At that time, all 6 of us went to talk to a lawyer. But someone said, 'but no matter what, we can do it all,' so we went ahead to just accept it like that again.” Hyomin added, “it wasn’t all bad in 2012. We beat ‘Park Taehwan silver medal’ on the real-time search ranking and got first place. But 4 years has already passed and Park Taehwan is on the top rankings of search results again. It’s been 4 years. We've survived the tough and difficult periods. Our moods are strange and curious. We want to tell ourselves, 'you’ve been through hard times.'” Eunjung said, “looking back at those days really make our moods feel strange.” *** Source: TVDaily
  7. Girl group T-ara is making a comeback. All these while, T-ara has made comebacks with kittens, robots, Native Indians, among many other special concepts but this time, it’s different. They are back with a soft song to repay their fans’ love. Recently, T-ara met up with reports at a cafe in Itaewon, Seoul. They explained their new song TIAMO by saying, “it’s the first time we thought about how to show a prettier side. We were focused on our past concepts but this time, we thought that we should use a pretty concept.” TIAMO is a medium-tempo lyrical song produced by hit song producer Duble Sidekick. MBK Entertainment released a teaser image of T-ara transforming into winter goddesses and captured attention. Jiyeon said, “it’s a concept that we wanted to do all all this time. I think we can show a beautiful girl group image.” Soyeon explained, “our CEO’s personality is like that and has been searching for something that others have not done yet. So our fans should look forward to T-ara’s transformation and not miss out on this. TIAMO is a song with a concept that T-ara has never done even once yet.” Hyomin said, “frankly speaking, others have done almost all kinds of concepts so we were worried. But we are not looking for any sort of success or results with our upcoming song. We’re doing this to have a closer interaction with our fans.” Eunjung said while laughing, “we did this while feeling apologetic and hesitant, thinking that can T-ara do this? Anyway, we prepared this with a heart just hoping that our fans will like it.” *** Source: Daum
  8. Girl group T-ara expressed their thanks to comments in foreign languages on various news portal sites. Recently, large amounts of comments were made in foreign languages on articles about T-ara. Reporters who met T-ara members at a cafe in Itaewon asked them about the comments and they said while laughing, “Those are definitely not part-timers (people hired to comment on news articles).” The comments were made in English, Arabic, Chinese, among many other languages. T-ara said, “we are nothing but thankful for them, it gives us strength.” Furthermore, T-ara said that their upcoming new song TIAMO was chosen because of their hearts wanting to interact with their fans more often. The members said, “when people talk about T-ara, they would usually think of funky and addictive melodies but not this time. We’re meeting our fans with a lyrical song and beautiful concept.” *** Source: Daum
  9. Girl group T-ara realized how popular they are in China. They are the first Korean girl group to hold a performance at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena Hall. Recently, T-ara met up with reporters at a cafe in Itaewon, Seoul. They said, “we had an exclusive concert in China back in September and in 5 other cities (Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shanghai).” T-ara recalled the happy moments they had by meeting their fans up-close. T-ara added, “we performed at Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena Hall and it was a 12,000 audience venue. It was a really huge performance venue. We were shocked at the size of it.” Other than Big Bang and T-ara, no other Korean artist has performed at that venue. As a girl group, T-ara has such unusual popularity in China. The members are planning to focus on their Korean activities now. They said, “our upcoming new song TIAMO has only one wish. We just want closer interaction with our fans and them to say that they like it. We want to have many activities together with our fans.” T-ara’s new song TIAMO means “I love you” in Italian. Piano and guitar sounds, warmly composed with other harmonious string instruments while having a cool and refreshing medium tempo by hit song maker Duble Sidekick producers. *** Source: Daum
  10. [16.11.06] T-ara share their thoughts on junior groups, “Twice and GFriend? We’re not thinking about winning.” It’s been revealed that T-ara is making a full-group comeback after about 1 year and 3 months. Their upcoming new song TIAMO is very different from their usual strong concepts. It is a strangely weaker medium-tempo song where they've reduced their usual strong image. Making a comeback with such a drastic change, there is great reason to have anticipation towards how well they will do this time. But T-ara said, “we're satisfied to just spend time with our fans through this time’s activity.” In a recent comeback interview, T-ara revealed their honest feelings about their upcoming competition with junior idol groups (on music shows and charts). Hyomin explained their upcoming new song, “our songs were always focused on the choreography but for TIAMO, the choreography is really easy. All the members wanted to say, “this is it?” but we all think that performing a choreography that is not so strong for once might not be a bad thing. Isn’t ‘peaceful/calm T-ara' something new for us to show to everyone?” Eunjung laughed while saying, “TIAMO is a good song to listen to while working. You can leave it on while cleaning the house, driving on the road or when at a store. Please listen to it a lot.” T-ara will be facing off with other junior girl groups like Twice, Black Pink and more. Eunjung said, “Twice, GFriend and other junior girl groups are really cute. Just looking at them will give you an endorphin rush. I think it will be exciting to meet and greet the junior girl groups whom we've only seen on TV so far.” Jiyeon also showed her liking towards Red Velvet. *** Source: XSportsNews
  11. [16.11.06] T-ara reveal details of their contracts and their heart's desire to stay together as a group for a long time Just like that, T-ara is a girl group that has been around for almost 8 years. Many idol groups have suffered the ‘7-year jinx’ and went through changes within and outside the groups. Meanwhile, T-ara who had been through all sorts of hardships (even before the 7-year mark) captured a lot of attention and concern. In an interview about their recently planned comeback, T-ara revealed facts about their contract status with MBK Entertainment, their love towards the team and their sense of responsibility. “Other idol group peers who debuted around the same time as us have already went through contract termination changes but our contract is still about a year from expiration. The contract expiration dates of the members are not very different but we recently discussed it with our company and we have set a (new) date for the contract termination,” T-ara honestly spoke. Also, T-ara mentioned Shinhwa who have been maintaining their team for 19 years now and said, “we will indeed not disband this group called T-ara. We wouldn't be able to decide this if even one member’s heart felt differently. All 6 of us want to maintain this T-ara team.” Especially Soyeon, she expressed her heart and said that regardless when or where the members are, even if they were to go back to leading ordinary lives, as long as the fans ask for it, they would want to gather once again as T-ara and perform whenever. Hyomin said, “honestly, there are times where we've had a 'T-ara love-hate relationship.’ There were times of difficulty and hatred but we can never throw (T-ara) away. The members all understand that they can’t throw this team away and have gained more sense of responsibility. T-ara is everything in our lives. So we hope that we can go a long way with T-ara’s name. The group's upcoming new song TIAMO is not T-ara’s usual conceptual image; it’s a song where their usual strength is significantly reduced to show T-ara’s softer sides. Additionally, the lyrics of TIAMO contains a thankful heart towards a beloved person but the members are singing this song to express their hearts towards their fans. Qri said, “when we were rookies, we were busy like crazy so there wasn’t much free time for us to stop and feel the love from our fans. But when we had free time, we would think of our fans a lot. We get more strength when we think of our fans.” Soyeon added, “because our fans want to get us first place on music charts, they stream our music. We know that very well. Even if we don’t get first place, it’s fine. Just our fans’ intention and hearts are enough to make us happy and thankful.” When we asked T-ara about what they hope to get from their company, all 6 members said that they wanted a second full-length album that contained “T-ara’s colours.” Eunjung said, “we want to release an album that is of the highest level and songs that anyone who hears them would say that these are T-ara’s songs.” Hyomin added, “we released 18 to 19 albums but only one of them is a full-length one. We want to release a second full-length album with good choreography and songs in the first half of next year.” Meanwhile, T-ara will release their new song TIAMO on various music sites at 12 AM on 9th November and make their comeback after about 1 year and 3 months. *** Source: XSportsNews
  12. [16.10.19] T-ara's transformation and doing away with dance songs, will they succeed? Girl group T-ara, who have mainly attracted attention and popularity through cheerful dance songs like Roly Poly, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Time To Love, Lovey-Dovey, etc., are deciding to make a comeback with a medium-tempo songs with emphasis placed on lyrics instead of their usual dance songs for the first time. After 1 year and 3 months since their previously promoted mini album, So Good, last year, they are in the midst of preparations for a new album with Duble Sidekick. The main thing worth noting is that this is T-ara’s transformation and the first time not producing and performing dance songs since their debut back in 2009. Main vocalist Soyeon has separately performed solo ballad songs and other album tracks which are lyrical songs but it’s quite rare for fans to see the all of T-ara have activities promoting a calm and relaxing title song. It has just been a while since Duble Sidekick finished producing the songs so there isn’t much information other than the fact that the songs will be medium-tempo. MBK Entertainment said, “The new songs have just been given to us and the members haven’t spent much time listening to the songs yet so we can’t say much at this point yet. But the songs this time are slow and quite different from the songs they used to promote previously. We will gradually reveal information about the new songs.” So what could be T-ara’s reason for deciding to make a comeback with a non-dance title song since their debut 7 years ago? First of all, they are making a comeback during the later period of the chilly Autumn so a non-dance, medium-tempo song might suit the season. The music chart is also showing a trend that emphasizes on R&B and ballad genres so there is a high possibility that the selected title song would do well. Also, the possibility of wanting to reform and repair their negative image should not be excluded. It could also be that slow tempo songs are also able to show a more sincere image as compared to dance songs. Since ex-member Hwayoung’s departure back in 2012, T-ara had released many rounds of new songs that were unable to receive a good response from the public. Because of this, the members who had gone through a tough 4 years said that their overseas fanbase is growing but they are longing for the kind of popularity in Korea they used to have in the past. Of course, it wouldn’t be so soon that T-ara’s negative image will change for the better just by not singing dance songs but it will at least allow the T-ara members to show at least their sincerity towards the public. We’ll pay close attention to see if T-ara is able to overcome the negative stares from the public with their comeback and medium-tempo song and have a new second chance. *** Source: Naver
  13. [16.10.12] Jiyeon to play lead role as an aspiring model in web drama My Runway A representative revealed on October 12th, "Jiyeon will be appearing in a web drama titled My Runway." Jiyeon plays the role of a female high school student, Han Seoyeon, who is not great at her studies but has a good and bright personality. Since a young age, she has an obsession with pretty clothes. She's not good at anything so she hopes to get people's attention by wearing pretty clothes. Luckily, her face is pretty and she has a slim and beautiful body so she looks good in almost every pretty outfit she wears. With her simple and innocent personality, she carries a heart of desire to become a model. If she's interesting in something, she won't think of anything else and will just give it a try. Jiyeon has been appearing in various dramas up till now and has shown quite good acting capabilities. She has appeared in Dream High 2 (2012), Triangle (2014) and in a web drama together with her T-ara members Sweet Temptation. My Runway is a refreshing body change drama featuring a female high school student who wishes to be a model filled with willpower and a worn-out top model. The director will be Heo Chan, who was involved with tvN's After The Show Ends and the script will be written by the writer who wrote Sharp 1 (반올림). It is a web drama and is expected to air on TV broadcasting stations and other forms of media after confirmation. *** Source: Naver
  14. [16.09.30] MBK Entertainment's Official Apology and Statement Regarding Concert Cancellation and Fanmeeting Hello, this is MBK Entertainment. First of all, we are extending our most sincere apologies for causing the recent confusion regarding T-ara’s concert and fan meeting on October 8th and 9th respectively. We are extremely sorry for causing all the anxiety and worry. The concert on October 8th has been cancelled due to miscommunication with the organizers and related parties regarding the schedule, venue, ticket opening, etc. We are writing the notice regarding the refunds for Interpark and Hana Ticket, and currently, have confirmed that almost all of those who have bought tickets have gotten their refunds. If in any case, those who had bought tickets have not receive their refunds, please inquire at the respective ticketing sites and you will definitely get your refunds. Next, we want to inform you about the Jeju Island fan meeting on October 9th. The Jeju performance is not a fan meeting but just an ordinary event. The performance is free-of-charge for T-ara fans to attend, including Jeju islanders and anyone who is interested. This is not an exclusive T-ara fan meeting for foreign fans so please attend as you wish. Also, to the fans who had booked package tours (fan meeting tour package) with certain tour agency sites for the October 9th event: if you will stay in Korea during that period because of the cancelled fanmeeting, we strongly encourage you to attend the Jeju Island performance and receive your rightful refunds. Last but not least, we would like to once again extend our deepest and most sincere apologies for causing all the confusion and anxiety to all the fans. We are very sorry. From now on, we will put in our best efforts to handle matters in a more certain and prompt manner so as to minimize the trouble and inconvenience to everyone. Thank you very much for reading this long letter. *** Source: T-ara's Official Daum Cafe
  15. [16.09.22] BLEU MONT's T-ara Concert Cancellation Notice + Warning from MBK Ent. regarding false tour packages On September 19th, T-ara's Seoul concert was deemed cancelled. Concert organizer, Bleu Mont, have offered the following statement: "Hello everyone. We are BLEU MONT, organizers of T-ara's concert that was supposed to happen on 8th October 2016. First of all, we would like to bow our heads and sincerely apologize. As hosts and organizers of the anticipated performance on 8th October, BLEU MONT would like to inform you that the event will be cancelled because our miscommunication with T-ara's agency MBK Entertainment regarding the schedule, venue, ticket sales opening, etc and we're writing this to express our deepest apologies. Because of the short preparation time and issues related to the performance, there were confusion and miscommunication between BLEU MONT and MBK so inconvenience has been caused to the fans who love T-ara and we are very sorry. We are also deeply apologetic to the fans who love T-ara for surrounding them with disappointment. We would like to assure you and promise to try our best to assist T-ara to be able to quickly return to their usual schedules. To the fans who had bought the tickets, we will try our best to refund the money back to the fans at the soonest. We would like to express our apologies once again for causing so much inconvenience to everyone. We are sorry. Sincerely, BLEU MONT's executives and staff" Further more, MBK Entertainment has recently warned fans of false tour packages being sold by unrelated organizations. "Hello everyone. This is MBK Entertainment. Currently, there are some tour-related products (T-ara Fan Meeting) that are selling on some Japanese tour agency sites and they are not endorsed by MBK Entertainment. Please take note so that there won't be situations where you will end up buying tour-related products that are not by us or T-ara." Please be cautious Queen's.
  16. [16.09.01] MBK Entertainment clarifies Soyeon's dating rumors, "dating Shota Tezuka? Developing from friendship." T-ara Soyeon's agency carefully revealed facts regarding the dating rumors involving Japanese athlete Shota Tezuka. Earlier in the day, rumors spread claiming Soyeon was dating professional wakeboarder Shota Tezuka. T-ara's agency MBK Entertainment's representative revealed in an official report statement, "Soyeon and Shota Tezuka have a friendship that started 3 years ago. Since early to mid-August, they've been slowly opening up their hearts and developing their friendship into a so-called 'some' relationship." It was also made known that Shota Tezuka and Soyeon shared a common interest in wakeboarding and started getting closer through the sport. On another note, Soyeon had broken up from her 6-year relationship with Click B's Oh Jung Hyuk at the start of July. *** Source: Naver Note: "Some" relationship is a Korean slang that refers to an unofficial dating relationship where two people are interested in one another, been to several dates or so but haven't officially decided to get together as a couple.
  17. [16.08.04] T-ara to perform newest song at final Great China Tour concert in Shanghai T-ara will be holding a Shanghai solo concert in September to meet with their Chinese fans. According to Chinese media on August 3rd, T-ara will be holding their last China Tour concert in Shanghai on September 17th. It was reported that in this last China Tour concert, T-ara will be performing their hit songs and also plan to perform a new song. Previously in 2014, T-ara released a remake of Chinese hit song “Little Apple” and became closer to Chinese fans. Following that, they signed a contract with a Chinese agency, Banana Project and had various Chinese schedules. T-ara’s Shanghai concert “2016 T-ara Great China Tour Concert in Shanghai Final” will be held at Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena on September 17th and tickets were on sale since 1st August 2016. *** Source: TV Report
  18. Hello. This is MBK Entertainment. MBK Entertainment agency has reported and is taking legal actions against the various malicious comments and circulation of rumors on various sites, SNS pages, etc. about our artists, including T-ara. All this while, we have been thinking that these comments are a form of expressing concern/attention about our artists and did not take action. But as time passed, we realized that the circulation of rumors and malicious comments have went overboard. Therefore, to prevent our artists from receiving psychological harm, our head office has decided that we cannot stand by and watch, and is starting to take action. MBK Entertainment will have a strong confrontation towards all personnel, including those who started the rumors about MBK’s artists, those who assisted in the spreading of the rumors, be it as a secondary or tertiary source, those who wrote malicious comments that are personal attacks to MBK’s artists, and any other types of relevant attacks. From now on, we’ll be monitoring in real-time and if we are to find out any similar cases, legal actions will surely be taken and we will not take it lightly. Meanwhile, we are currently handling and reviewing the materials/documents that have been sent by fans. From now on, we hope that all fans will send all the related content of any circulation of rumors, malicious comments, etc. in the form of PDF files to our email legal.mbk@gmail.com. Thank you. - MBK Entertainment *** Source: Official Daum Cafe
  19. Q: What type of songs can we expect from your solo album? "A slow tempo song, a genre of song that I’ve tried for the first time. 99% of my taste in music will be reflected in this album. In a typical album production, the title song is produced first, followed by matching songs, then the choreography to match the songs and finally the album jacket concept, but it was the opposite for me. The choreography and album jacket concept was produced first. I’ll decide the kind of expression and image I want to paint for the audience with the choreography and do the photoshoot for the album jacket to match that. Once those are complete, then I can begin to decide what kind of songs will match the mood. Instead of thinking what kind of songs will give off the “this song is good” feeling, I prefer to imagine, “what kind of song will fit the mood and atmosphere of my performance very well.” That’s when I decided to work with Ryan Jhun, August Rigo and BEAST’s Yong Junhyung Q: What kind of choreography can we expect? I wanted to show a mature image of myself. I was too caught up with a “my new side” kind of concept for my first solo album, mainly because I wanted to show an image that I didn’t get to show when I was doing group activities, but the feedback I received was that I didn’t exude enough confidence, so I thought to myself, maybe I was too greedy. So this time, I adopted a mindset, “what is the kind of performance can I do best?” Q: So have you come to a conclusion? What is the performance that is the most like you? It’s important to have a perfect performance with good vocals but I realised that it's even more important that I’m able to express the music well. You'll seew when the album is released; it’s still a secret right now! Q: Did you personally pick the producer, song composer, photographer, etc? Yes, I did receive a lot of help from Brave Brothers for my first album, though. Not just the music but the music video, fashion, hair and make up were also proposed by me. I’ve learned a lot from the album production process. I’ve also learned how I can create the kind music and performance I want. I wanted to have more say in my second solo album. Q: We're curious about the fashion, hair and make up concept. It’s a concept that you can see and say is "Hyomin." Q: Your toned body is a hot topic. How much effort do you need to put in to maintain your sexy thigh muscles and slim waist? I personally think that women should have some volume on their thighs to be sexy. But a toned thigh with volume because the exercise for it is very different due to putting on weight. I usually do intensive lower body workouts at the fitness centre. A kind of strength training for legs and thighs. Whereas for a slim and slender waist, it’s more of dieting than working out. Q: Do you usually control your diet? Of course, but it’s really not easy to have a diet regime for an entire month. That’s why I don’t go on a strict diet for more than 2 weeks. If there’s an important schedule, I only go on short-term strict diet regimes. I can’t go on a long-term regimes because I love to drink with my friends, eat snacks and a lot of delicious food. Q: How do you switch to a short-term strict diet regime? I stop junk food and stick strictly to healthy food. I stop eating rice and pack lunch boxes with sweet potatoes, corn, eggs and fruits. I only eat the amount that I want whenever I’m hungry. There are times when I worry and think, “I won't put on weight if I eat this much, right?” Nevertheless, my complexion becomes better whenever I follow this kind of diet because it has a kind of detoxing effect. It’s good for bowel movements too, haha. I'd really feel like my body is becoming healthier. I only eat half a bowl of rice even when I'm really very hungry and have vegetables with salt as side dishes. Q: Your comeback soon, so have you been on a diet recently? I’m kind of used to a dieting and a healthy lifestyle recently. I only eat delicious food occasionally and eat more healthy food. I walk around my house for 30 minutes. So I'm usually wearing running shoes and I do a lot of stretching whenever I can. Q: Have you imagined a 30-year-old Hyomin before? What kind of image do you want to have? An image of a reliable woman who is able to do anything that she’s entrusted to! I want to be someone who can do everything well. I feel that whether you’re a woman or man, you have to hold a professional image. I hope that I’ll become a professional 30-year-old person. Q: Other than being a singer, what other fields of profession do you want to explore? Photography and video production. I really have a lot of interest in production. If there’s a chance, I want to try directing a photoshoot of a junior. Q: Will we be able to see Hyomin appear on TV for the first half of this year? Yes, I’ll appear on TV when my second solo album is released in March. I want to say, please look forward to it and I’ll do my best. Thank you for your compliments, thank you for forgiving me for what I’m lacking of and I hope that you will listen to my songs. *** Source: Beauty+
  20. After about 1 year and 8 months, Hyomin is back with a second solo album and the news has became a hot issue on the Internet. Her official teasers have just been released, indicating at a countdown to her solo return. Back in June 2014, Hyomin's title song for her first solo album was Nice Body. It featured Hyomin in short, blonde hair and the style of the song, choreography, outfits were unique to Hyomin. This time, Hyomin successfully received a lot of attention and she is planning to show an image "upgrade." Hyomin's wet hair, dreamy look and mind-blowing expression have captivated much attention in the teaser pictures photographed by Jang Duk Hwan. Especially her dazzling exposed chest and smooth bodyline, allowing her to show her next level of sexiness. *** Source: Sports Donga
  21. China’s trending topic, T-ara. T-ara has been confirmed to be appearing on China Hunan Satellite TV’s special program for the Lunar New Year, Lantern Festival. A popular show that is broadcasted during the Lunar New Year celebrations in China. One of the representatives said, “the director of the program personally requested for T-ara to be invited. They are a Korean girl group but it feels like they are slowly becoming a local Chinese girl group and reaching the prestige that can be matched with other Chinese celebrities.” T-ara officially started their Chinese activities in October of 2014. During a press conference on that day, it was announced that T-ara will be actively promoting in China. There were more than 100 different representatives from various media outlets, including fans and members of the public present, indicating the huge amount of attention they were receiving from the Chinese market. Following that, T-ara received previous interviews and other schedules from China MTV and appeared on many other famous Chinese TV programs. Just last year, they received a contract from Banana Project, an entertainment company set up by Wang Sicong, son of one of the wealthiest men in China. Furthermore, they held a concert at Guangzhou’s Tianhe Stadium and burst into fame in the Chinese market. They are already currently known as China’s top girl group. *** Source: Daily Sports
  22. Search for 梦三国手游 or just 梦三国, Diadem will probably tweet out the link to the App on App Store when it's out~
  23. Girl group T-ara will appear on famous Chinese variety show 'The Brain - Season 3.' Citing Jiangsu Satellite’s reporter from China’s Sina.com, “T-ara will be recording for The Brain - Season 3." According to Chinese media, T-ara will be expected to appear on the show with one of the top Chinese singers, Jay Chou. The Brain is a national variety show that explores the world’s mysteries by inviting famous professors and geniuses to test their knowledge and mind power. Top Chinese stars such as Zhang Zi Yi, Tao Ching Ying and many others, together with Hallyu stars such as Kim Soo Hyun, etc., will be appearing on the show as well. *** Source: XSportsNews
  24. Wow where did you find these? On Weibo or Tiara Bar's Tieba? Seems like they made it to the main gala event
  25. T-ara released their Chinese soundtrack for World of Warships which they are endorsing and are the ambassadors of. They received a lot of shares from fans which created a lot of discussion on the Internet. Most of the comments towards T-ara’s first official Chinese song gave recognition to T-ara’s effort. Some netizens even said that their song aroused interest in the game, especially when the Chinese language is supposedly one of the most complicated language in the world. Some of the comments include, “for a few Korean girls to sing a Chinese song at this standard, they must have put in a lot of effort. Thumbs up for you, wish you success in your Chinese endeavours,” and, “the song sounds pretty good, they quality of the game that T-ara are ambassadors of is a high-quality game too. I’m quite interested in the game and T-ara,” and many more. Nevertheless, there are a few “black fans” (sceptical or anti-fans) who gave a few negative comments such as, “I don’t think their outfits give off an appropriate sailor/navy vibe,” “having male celebrities as ambassadors would seems more appropriate.” However, some netizens pointed out that T-ara is one of the most influential K-pop group and have a young fan base - T-ara are the "divas/goddesses” of many 90-liner males. The game provider must have gone through a lot of consideration and planning before deciding to engage T-ara as their ambassadors. There must be a reason why they chose immensely popular T-ara over other Chinese celebrities. Only time will tell if T-ara’s future plans in China would succeed. *** Source: YeYou News
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