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  1. I betted with some people that if she winks more than once, imma be a Songchin 

    Then comes Soyeon's insta T.T


    But yes, its touching that T-ara members still DO checks twitter and stalks all of us sometimes

    Maybe they too are worried about us too~


    I think behind the scenes they actually look after and update themselves of what we do~ ^^







    >>>Yes i'm a Songchin now~

  2. Eh, the version 3 mv is just out, it seems that the part from the teaser is now at version 3, strange approach, I rather them to release version 3 first to avoid the confusion when watching version 2, the chord progression is the same.


    Ver 3 has got no difference from ver 1. I really dont know what CCM is trying to do ... And most likely Ver 4 onward would be + BTS or extended ver.

  3. Once again, T-ara is collaborating with the almighty Shinsadong Tiger to produce another hit songs to save Kpop \0/  So as usual, using their prime weapon, which is their music, T-ara will be releasing a song with “Big Room / EDM” genre in which when it is first heard, it isn’t a really good idea because in a typical clubbing music, almost 80% of the song will be pure sound and adding vocal or singing while the music drops isn’t really that appealing.


    Other than that, this time, CCM is not planning to attract potential older fans (eg, Roly Poly,Lovey Dovey, Do you Know Me) and instead, they are probably attracting EDM musicians and youth of similar interests. I can assume that this song serves to make a transition of mixing EDM and Kpop world together and SugarFree will be one of the examples.  


    Anticipate SugarFree remixes everywhere from now on~



    Music analysis (EDM edit)


    SugarFree PROVES that it is possible to make a song out of a club song. 


    In the first part of the music, it’s the usual T-ara beat ( Or farting sound or so they call it ), and right after that, the Big Room beats comes in almost immediately which is quite interesting because in most of the kpop songs and even typical EDMs, they usually have some transition like for example snares and even a build-up but instead, it immediately transits to a Big Room sound. Though it seems awkward, but it really gives the “BOOM” or the hype factor to the music, every person who is listening to SugarFree for the first time will know what I’m talking about.


    Right after the big room transition, there goes the build-up. The build-up can be heard in a typical EDM music and adding some raps makes us anticipating the drop badly.


    As for the drop, I really like it!  It is like a mix of Sexy Love + Number 9, and has a Lovey Dovey feeling to it.

    Right after the epic drop, here is what I find interesting. It really feels like a different song now, which turns off some people. Maybe this is the part where it tells a story ( In most Kpop music, CMIIW , changes their tempo and tone to portray feelings and meaning towards the story of the music, more on that in MV analysis).


    Chorus part, one of the best parts in the song. I like the huge snare sound just before the chorus because it really gives the song more energy and it is really complementing the song. Other than that, it really gives the T-ara feeling to it although the music genre itself is conquering the whole song.


    Vocal wise, Soyeon really sings differently now and I kind of like this style of her singing. Qri and Boram singing exchangably really gives the song more in depth flavor to it. Their voices do complement each other ^^ As for EunMinYeon, I would say that their rap is so **** epic!



    MV & Lyrics review ( + POV)


    We can’t deny the fact that CCM ALWAYS released a seizure-inducing music videos. Also, other than CCM being the most annoying troller ever, they always come up with some messages or stories with a very subtle but often deep meaning to it if reviewed properly.


    Visual & Background


    So our ability to watch every frame changing every 0.000001 nano second are tested in this MV. Many people including myself are very annoyed with the excessive and unnecessary flashes in the video >< But then again, it is supposed to portray a clubbing scene so I wouldn’t complain. And it is interesting that the dancing scenes are interchanged by dark and colorful background. ( Will explain further in the lyrics review). Also not to mention those stares that can slay the whole humanity in one look >< as well as squishy, refined and toned chocolate abs @.@






    Costume / Outfit


    I don’t see why they complain the outfits I quite like it. I know different people have different taste but I don’t see why many people criticize the outfit that much -.- Freestyle costume and the tight race suit costumes are really hot I can even…







    I really like when Jiyeon is being aggressive and point directions at the start of the video. It gives the “ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THIS” feeling to it.


    I also feel that the random dancing part during the music drop really is necessary as it gives us, the viewers a sense of belonging with the music. You know what I mean, when you first heard the drop, you dance your butt out XD and the random dancing serves as to connect the viewers with them~


    The chorus dance part is the one I find very interesting. When we already hear the big drop at the start, and we dance “together” with them, you kind of wanting more of the music drop and anticipating the highlight of the dance.


    But as soon as the chorus drops, the dance are such that it is really simple and slow/restricting. Whenever we hear the epic chorus,  we tend to want to dance the living soul out of us. But then the dance is quite ‘introverted’ and this is where I can sense what CCM is doing here.


    If we were to follow the dance, you find it not enough and empty, but then your body wants to move about more to the music. It is this element of wanting more and more as we hear/watch the music video that makes it so addictive. It is a psychology effect ( Cant remember what that was >< )


    Also with added anticipation and adrenaline inside the our body, waiting for another big drop, there comes Hyomin’s rap part. I find this part the best because you are already connected with the music from the start, you are craving for the music and this part is to serve as to concentrate the effect more by giving the “Pump it up” and “Wait, THERE’S MORE??” feeling to it and ends the song with the last chorus which is to satisfy the viewers/listeners craving for the music


    All and all it is very addictive and you can’t help it but to want more!!!


    Point of view


    Yes as we all see from the comments or even Korean websites, I do agree to a small extent that SugarFree has many similar tunes in some EDM music and also some parts form Sistar. But does that mean that they are plagiarizing other groups or people’s music.


    SugarFree Big Room Tune: Similar to Dvbbs 'Tsunami' and DJ Felix 'Give Me Body'




    Hyomin/Jiyeon raping part : Sistar's Touch my body  ( @ 1:52 )



    Album Cover: Similar to Justice's cross.





    Rebuttal: As pointed out by Kekeru88,  


    “That is not plagiarism, there is a thing called homage: homage is a show or demonstration of respect or dedication to someone or something. The term is often used in the arts for where one author or artist shows respect to another by allusion or imitation. In music homage can take the form of a composition, a tribute album or of a sample.”


    Also, the real album cover is not the one that has cross anyways so why bother?






    *Lyrics review will be up soon! Meantime, please do support T-ara by any means ^^ Hwaiting Queen’s

  4. Annyeong~~~~

    As much as I don't want to make this site like 9GAG . etc, I was thinking that creating a T-ara Memes section would be a cool idea. Though it is unaccepted back then (Maybe because of they don't want to make fun of T-ara members) but lately, the response has been a positive one. So, I think that it would be nice to add a new section so that forumers have fun interacting with our own T-ara memes^^

    AND OF COURSE, it must be appropriate and no editing of fan picture, dot's .etc. Picture can be only attain through screencaps from music shows, variety shows, drama .etc

    The section can be in the form of normal thread like this or something else (For example Gallery-like feature with comments.etc?)

    Just my suggestion and it would be super great if admin take this into consideration \0/

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