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  1. I wonder what she's sorry for. Sorry for dissappointing us? Sorry for making us feel anxious about T-ara's future?
  2. Wait.... He says they removed her because she didn't appear on a single tv program.... that's like a job kicking an employee for missing 1 day out of 2 years of work.... Even if the other stuff he says are true, they have lied so much that I'm having a hard time believing anything they say.
  3. From what I gathered, every claim that CCM has made, there has been some sort of witness to refute those claims. I have yet to read about a witness backing them up.
  4. The reason why the fansite probably decided to close was because so many anti's were infiltrating the forum and kept posting negative things and the fansite didnt want the girls to read the negative comments. That's my theory.
  5. Well, as much evidence/speculation as there is, we still dont know the actual facts. I'll stay by T-ara until I know the truth. Some my not consider me a true fan but I don't think blindly following a group makes a true fan.
  6. Sad to see this happen but you can see this coming from a mile away. Too bad I can't tell the future. I feel really anxious to see what happens.
  7. Lordy, one lie after another. The CEO and Public Relations department should all retired. I can't think of any way to salvage the situation.
  8. Ahah.... finally, an action that makes some sense. Still some Bs there about the halt being for the next song and not about the whole bullying issue but i'll take it.
  9. Protect her after you said she was lazy, had no determination, and was arrogant? Nice.
  10. Well, the captain has to say the post is not true since a) its professional and it affects the future of the dance team since they are T-ara's dance team. I'm not saying the captain is lieing but we just simply can't know.
  11. I must agree. This post seems a bit questionable. There should at least be a picture of the scar.
  12. Wouldn't this cause a lot of tension in the company? I can't help but feel that the T-ara's issue will bleed over and affer Hyoyoung
  13. What the heck? What parent would accept this decision even if their child is misbehaving? I don't think a parent would stand a company slandering their child.
  14. Who would honestly come back after what the company just said about her? That's like saying, "Hey, we think you look ugly but if you realize that it's your fault we think that, then you can come back." Ridiculous
  15. I'm really hoping that this is all for a music video that they are doing. I think the only way KKS can salvage the way he handled the situation is to reveal that this is all a P.R. stunt as unlikely as it is.
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