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  1. Fake It was very nice. It's a good song, Nice Body is of course the better want to promote since you can have a bigger performance with it. The styling of 'Fake it' was nice, I didn't like her shoes and that's about it. lol. Her backup dancers have really nice bodies. They are a lil thicker than Hyomin, but wow they're good. The performance was just as I expected having seen the practice video. totally nice. Strange how she practiced in sneakers, did the MVs in sneakers then go do the stage in heeled boots lol. the back prop was nice too, get in the gym and get that NICE BODY!
  2. Happy birthday diadem!!!! Happy 5 years!!! I love you Zee.... Elly, will you go out to dinner with me?!?!?!
  3. Plus one for Hyomin in sexy looking stuff.... plus two for doing the awesome handshake! now adding the other handshake... will there be HD raws of these photos? anyone wanna take the cameraman's camera or hard drive?! lol
  4. omg.... super points for the Troy and community meme..... extra awesome points for subyung mention.... hahaha.... time to burst into Troy crying mode... "WHY?!?!?!" but so yeah... hyomin in a lingerie... err i guess more underwear shoot (lingerie for most people is 'fancier' i think) and then you got G.Na coming up on a underwear shoot too for a magazine... I guess there is a different type of March Maddness going on over there?
  5. Way to go Zee. you and your 'team' worked hard. I'm sure it's gonna be so fetch. lol.
  6. well that's interesting... it will be interesting to see how this plays out. T-ara N4 breaking into the US with the more or less Hip Hop approach, whereas Wonder Girls used 'disney pop', and SNSD just did I guess 'pop'. either way I'm sure somewhere someone will Psy helped open the gate for this. it will be interesting to see how it goes, I remember WG going to New York to meet producers and like Russell Simmons of Def Jam Records, and that was before 'nobody' i think. It's different a bit of course, you can't compare other groups ventures with another. JYP put years and money into getting Wonder Girls for the US/western market (his success/failure there is not the issue, and debatable) so they have members who can communicate very well in English and worked on getting english songs out. SNSD, git Jess and Fany who can communicate very well in the US, and just really Sooyoung for Japanese, and SNSD still isn't fluent in japanese but they stay primarily as korean artist and haven't yet really taken the DBSK/BoA route to be a long time japanese artist as well. T-ara hopped into the japanese market with the other girl groups and found success as well. and they build their japanese skills, but like with Japan, it seemed okay for them to have a translator present. In the US market, I don't think that will work really well. I don't think T-ara's english is ready for Live with Kelly or Ellen, etc. And I'm not sure you want someone else speaking for them; especially if they go onto a show with Snoop, T-Pain or Chris Brown, no offense to them. But I want T-ara to talk not those guys, we don't need N4 being the new harajuku girls for them (though I know that's not what's gonna happen lol). I'm just worried N4 is being used more for the imagine with who they collab with. Psy, Se7en, SNSD, WG, etc all got to stand alone on their foray. Of course we're all viewing it as win-win for both parties, but somehow I just feel like CCM/T-ara isn't the bigger winner in the end. Anyways good luck to the girls. Whether they launch well or not into the US market, it's okay. BoA was deemed a 'failure' in the US markets but her career is anything but a failure. i'll sit by and wait and see what happens!
  7. mm.. got some blush going on there in the second photo... eunjung's hair never really changes. argh! but the makeup here makes her look slightly different than previous promotions. it might have been a while for me though. is just me or is hyomin always wearing hi-cut shorts, if she's wearing shorts? lol.. gallery issues! no!!!!! lol
  8. oh this wasn't a joke? lol, this will be interesting to see how that goes. Interesting on their take of a sub-unit. Soyeon is the lead singer of T-ara and she's not in the unit. Eunjung isn't bad and Hyomin's been rocking her stuff more lately, Jiyeon and Hyomin together all the time makes sense though, so we'll see how this works out. After School Red, TaeTiSeo, Sistar19, 2Yoon, so many sub-units going. lol
  9. iunno... will they take an 8th member whose male? I'd totally do it. then hyomin could introduce me to her gf sunny. lol it's surprising to hear that their company would allow that, or put that up. it seems ambitious. it would be a wreck and stress for the person who won and got placed into t-ara. yueen won an audition and got into wonder girls, she wasn't a trainee like hyuna(at the time), sunye, sunmi and sohee... so it was nice taht she got to audition and get into a great group, but taht was still pre-debut for Wonder Girls. but a contest to put someone into an establish group, who wasn't a trainee? that'd be rough. I know After School has added lots of people in their time, as with Jewelry (well they change members) but man... it'd be hard. the fans, the girls, it would be rough. it's not to say the girls wouldn't be nice, but they did spend years as trainees, and working up... they could be upset. granted, i'm sure people who do the contest work hard all their life too... so who knows. interesting rumor at least.
  10. soyeon is a cutie of a leader.. that will be interesting... she's so quirky. still this rotating the leader stuff is kind of fun.
  11. bring me helicopter!

  12. i want nobody nobody but you

  13. Recent College grad looking for work...

  14. what do you wannt breh

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