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    iheart reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.03.15] T-ara to become 7~9 members, including replacing members   
    By all means, it's his own greed and ambitions to have a comfy retirement and beating SM - making a copycat version of SNSD isn't going to beat SNSD - not in the long shot anyway. There's plenty of other idol groups with 9 members or more and they sure as hell haven't been successful than SNSD in any way.
    SNSD already debuted 2 years before T-ara did and they're backed by an agency that is among the Big Three - SM has the money, influence, connections and power to expand as far as it wants. CCM however, does not have that, at least in a comparable scale.
    Considering agencies also rely heavily on the income their idols earn, this is a major factor. CCM hasn't expanded anywhere around the world except for Japan in a level comparable to any of the Big Three, plus a lot of the money needs to go to paying
    the staff (managers, receptionists, composers, trainers etc.) and infrastructure maintenance and among other things. SM also
    has more idol groups to rely on for income - ShiNee, SNSD, fx, Super Junior and the DBSK duo - CCM on the other hand, has
    only T-ara and Davichi. Add in the fact that CCM also needs money to maintain its own broadcast channel, it provides even less money to expand overseas.
    It's like a kid going up against a boxing champion in a fist-fight. CCM was never efficient in managing its artists anyway - and at current practice, never will. It will never be able to beat SM - not if a nutso like KKS is in charge. The man is an inept and incompetent manager and businessman. He is a failure.
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    iheart reacted to craZy in [12.03.01] T-ara's agency suing two Southeastern Asian companies over illegal music distribution   
    Nobody takes Kim Kwang Soo' money-er, I mean, reaps the effort of his artists' hard work and gets away with it!
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    iheart reacted to Mark in [12.01.07] Will T-ara gain an 8th member from GSI?   
    6-ara forever.
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