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  1. just can't move on--- kks, happy now ? T _ T


  3. (´・ U ・`)/ nammmm emmmm jieeeee. ♥ *finally someone I can spazz with. ♥ nicesuuu~

  4. my mama Z.. XD it is my first visit to u for this year ryt?? oh soo bad, well, mum, see you around~ ♥

  5. my papa x.. :P I'm here!! or I'll say, I'm home!!! tadaima!! :D

  6. ○-doreureu--○

  7. I'm the only one who's happy about baby giant ryu-chan's new haircut? :,( ♠

  8. naa.. I'm always your siggy-maker anyway. its my job.. I think?? just always feed me and i'm ok with it.. lol goopie~ just removed the credit, no one will able to steal your very own sig, :) laabya too as always~ ♥

  9. eylllo. ☺ ~ *_____*..)/

  10. Anyone can punch me in the eyes.. so I can have my early Black Eyes.. +___♥..)/

  11. Oh long time no see ![hugs diadem] :D

  12. and oh > / / <..) I'm going to re-apply if I want to become staff here again.. :D heehe,my first plan was not actually to be a mod here, instead I want to be a graphics des. but I dunno. omma is still lacking that time and landed me to be a green-mod. XP

  13. oh soo I'm really bad omma then, > / / /<..) oh no baby soonie yah! haha! running from home??!! haha,I bet if one of my bias come here too,I'll probably do that,but since I'm older enuf,no one will hunt me down. ^ T ^..) oh I love chundoong and g.o.,I remmber wen dara and thunder still living here on my country.. I was in highschool that time. :D

  14. profilie hopping. ^ T ^..) thanks you landed on my page. HAHAHA! your indeed a~majing. :P oh yeah.. hellO!

  15. talk to me like the first time. ^ T ^..) ch-ch-chreom chreom. :P

  16. haha, mother is kind of busy lately,that it made me to take down my job here as a staff. cuz I can't be here now and then. anyway, omma is always ryt after ya, heehee~ double T is there, twittah and tumblr. ^ T ^..) oh!MBLAQ is in the house! ahaha!~

  17. O T O..) mai stalked me? HOhoho.. what did you find? ^ T ^..) ashldkjasdlfjld

  18. how's my baby soonie?? ^ T ^.._ omma did miss ya~ you take care kay?? *hugs*

  19. it's fine goopie yah~ XD LOL,no need to put that lame credit,no one will still it from ya, cuz I put it already .. *evil laugh* I want to make one again from ya, just wait kay?? love yah liver-head : * [putting back my eyeballs] XD

  20. Ohh tika. XD it's my personal choice,I got busier for the past weeks,that I find myself here a kind of helpless.don't worry everything is fine. :) thanks for asking~ *hugs*

  21. and be good at school kay?? love ya~ :3

  22. aigoo.. > / / / <..) ok ok~ but I'll visit diadem whenever I have my sparetime,weehoo..

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