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[11.01.31] 'Dream High' Concert Tickets to be Distributed Free of Charge


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[11.01.31] 'Dream High' Concert Tickets to be Distributed Free of Charge


KBS2TV's Monday & Tuesday mini-series Dream High's crew decided to distribute concert tickets free of charge. With the success and profit of the Secret Garden OST Concert, it has driven crew to do it for Dream High, as well, naming it Dream High Concert, something that is unusual.

"There's no money for the concert (I'm assuming the charge)," a representative, Yang Geunhwan for Dream High said. They wanted to return the love that viewers gave them through a free concert. They also felt that students and adolescents being their main target audience, a concert with free admission would be the best thing to give out.

Dream High producers will distribute the tickets through their website in a lottery over the next 10 days.

A Dream High special episode featuring concert footage will be aired on KBS2TV on March 1st.


Source: http://sports.hankoo...17554394350.htm

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Translated by: Elly@Diadem

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Wow! It should be! ^^ Dream High is a very good show, next to God of Study in my opinion. Though they have a difference because GOS is for Academic High School and DH for Arts High School though the theme of "follow your dreams and don't give up" is very well seen. Dream High is loved by too many people, it's a good decision to give back :D

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