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[11.04.06] T-ara's Eunjung confesses to have a boyfriend before "Bo Peep Bo Peep" activities


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They must be a cute couple and happy coulpe on that time..hehehe..

Seems that Eunjung also quite close with her ex-boyfriend parent..biggrin.gif

Hope they are still be friend with the guy..rolleyes.gif

P/s: But i just cant wait her react with her new husband!!Will she be acting cutely infront of him?..hehehe..going to be fun!!Cant wait!!tongue.gif

Thanks for translate!!wink.gif

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So this probably means that Eunjung had a boyfriend before T-ara gained lots of popularity because they got really popular after Bo Beep Bo Beep.

I am glad that she had one and admitted it because she has the right to date but she has such a tight schedule now with her fame rising.

Hopefully, Eunjung can one day find her prince charming.

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