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[11.10.27] T-ara and Nongshim Ramen participate in volunteer work for "Sharing Love"


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[11.10.27] T-ara and Nongshim Ramen participate in volunteer work for "Sharing Love"


On the 26th, popular groups T-ara and Infinite and magician Lee Eungyeol participated volunteer work in Gwangju with a total of 40 people for the Sharing Love Campaign for the "Green Umbrella Children's Foundation for Disabled Children".

The volunteers took part in "sharing love" with the children by playing, walking, and putting on magic shows and plays for the children. The service also has a "Love Sharing Concert" sponsored by Nongshim Ramen annually each year since 2004. Over 440 people participate in volunteering and Nongshim Ramen had decided today to donate snack boxes that included over 1,100 boxes of snacks.

The T-ara members who participated in the volunteer work (Boram, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Qri, Soyeon, Hwayoung) said, "The Sharing Love magic show and taking care of the children and expressing love while having fun is something that's beautiful and made us all feel happy. If we get the chance again, we'd like to come and volunteer again."

The Sharing Love Concert is on the 6th of next month at the Olympic Stadium and will have guests including Girls' Generation, Brown Eyed Girls, T-ara, Teen Top, MBLAQ, Davichi, and Kim Hyunjoong.

The Nongshim Ramen "Sharing Love Concert" has received from various people a combined total of about 447,000 boxes of ramen noodles for less fortunate boys and girls, undernourished/underprivileged children and alienated citizens, which is passed on by the Red Cross.


Source: Nate

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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It's always nice & heartwarming to see celebrities and idols volunteering. <3

Giving your time to do a good deed can be more meaningful than just donating goods/money.

Infinite & T-ara are my two favourite groups so I'm happy seeing them do this together. ^-^

Also, doesn't seeing your idols being adorable with little children make you fall for them more?

I support the idea of T-ara volunteering more! (As long as it doesn't affect their health and well-being.)

Our girls are good citizens :)

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This is picture is so cute and at first I thought that guy who sitting looks a lot like L from Infinite and I read "On the 26th, popular groups T-ara and Infinite" that makes much sense now :)

T-ara always sharing and caring not just about fans but other people thats why I love them all so much heart.png

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