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[11.11.09] T-ara's "Cry Cry" music video shot over 96 hours being revealed today


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that was amazing, we need the second part and subs for this <3333

Here's roughly what they said. (I can't hear clearly due to the overlaying music so there may be some mistakes.)

After man's dream:

Jiyeon knocks on door. I want eggs in my ramen.

After Jiyeon's dream:

I'm scared. The person who killed my father. We must catch him.. Please help me.

At the end at the car park.

Jiyeon: It was you.(Who killed her father) So annoying. Such a bad person (?) Why must it be you. WHY!

Male actor whom I don't know the name: It's been a long time. I can never forget your face. Why? Because you killed a friend who cared so much for me. This guy killed your father. Shoot him. Shoot. Shoot.... I told you to shoot.

Last part:

Its a relief that Ahjussi is with me. We make a really great team right?

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I didn't watch the video yet coz it didn't have subtitles in it yet and I don't want to spoil myself for watching it and not understanding the content.. So excited for the subs to come out so I can watch it!!

Btw, I noticed that all the comments for the song is good.. It makes me more exciteed though. :D Add to that the beauty of the girls and the story.. BOOM!!!!! BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR!!!!! ( Im just being so excited here) :D GO GO T-ara!!!

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