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[12.01.04] T-ara's Eunjung Ligament Injury, 'What to do~'


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Eunjung-unnie, I know it's really difficult to just stand and watch our entire crew working hard or not do the thing we love the most. But that injury of yours is something serious, it might not be so serious at the beginning but with a bit of miscarriage it can turn into something irreversible. Please have some tact and get a good treatment for your injury, not only a sloppy analgesic injection to kill the pain on the moment! I'm really worried about her... I hope she doesn't get worse!

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In this video,

, she appears perfectly fine. Such dedication!

Yes, @CKtalon I totally agree, she never let herself down. I love how she always motivates and keep herself on high. Really Such a Dedication^^

She is one of the most that can inspire us for being always motivated and keep your dream to achieve.

Such a powerful Lady:)

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My Eunjungie!

She is one strong-willed woman! She is so awesome! T^T

Hope she wont force herself and knows we're not demanding her to perform or anything.

She could always rest for few weeks. I dont mind waiting and im sure a lot of you can too.. :)

Yes that is true...Loved you forever...T-ara

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