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[12.01.13] Video - T-ara - Lovey Dovey @ Music Bank


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"Na do leobi deobi deobi uuuu" "leobi doebi deobi uuuu"..


Regret cause T-ara didn't win music bank...

Hope they will win it next week..

Thx for sharing... :)

=( they didn't win? Who did they lose to? never mind, was it IU?

I love the song so much xD i can hear the fans sing along "Oh oh oh oh!" hehehe

btw, what are they chanting when T-ara aren't singing?

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Sorry, I couldn't help myself.....

Most Korean idol fanchants involve saying all of the names of the members to a beat, so that probably what they were doing.

The chants seem to match the song..When I first saw it performed, I thought it was part of the background music.. :D
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