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[12.01.18] Chart Ranking - T-ara #1 In Hanteo Real Time Chart


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Actually, T-ara is first on Hanteo's Yearly Charts! Here's the link:


Based on the 2nd, Funky Town is already at more than 13k! T-ara is dominating both digital and physical charts since the beginning of the year.

T-ara's sales today are way above 7k. They were 4th on the yearly yesterday and Koreans proved that those sales come from Japan (T-ara ranked 3rd on Tower Records overall sales: http://mobile.twitter.com/TOWER_Info?max_id=159073033825419265) and Yesasia, since T-ara is number one!

That's already more than 60,000 albums sold for both Black Eyes and its repack = T-ara's record!

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Lovey Dovey topped the Billboard for the 2nd consecutive week:


Only 4 songs have previously done so: Davichi's Don't Say Goodbye (3 weeks) ; Huh Gak's Hello ; T-ara's Cry Cry and IU's You & I (5 weeks)

T-ara digital aggregate for Lovey Dovey on the Gaon weekly chart is about the same as last week: 40,870,822

From last year's standards, it is NOT that great. But Gaon standards seems to have change a lot in the new year.

Lovey Dovey has been downloaded about 1,190,000 times. It's ok after 2 weeks, we'll just have to see how long it is charting at a significant level.

MBLAQ is flopping really bad with It's War, it only grossed half of Lovey Dovey...

Roly Poly is still charting, about 22,000 downloads more this week!

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