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[12.02.20] T-ara collab cafe opens today!


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Guest Syer1001

T-ara's cafe in Japan? 1 point added to "Why Shraffe (me) might wanted to go to Japan." Still 10 marks behind "Why Shraffe might wanted to go to South Korea."

Damn, T-ara is the first group thst I've heard in doing more than just singing and dancing...and appearing on tv...

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Really nice news.

I hope they will get a fair amount of exposure with these advertisements and this cafe. I also hope T-ara Collab Cafe will attract new fans.

Though there will be a lot of competition since there are already a lot of local Idol cafe installed.

The quality and the originality of T-ara Collab Cafe's service will have to make the difference.

I wonder what is the price scale proposed and what are the dishes, desserts and drinks available in the T-ara original menu.

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