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[12.02.20] T-ara collab cafe opens today!


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[12.02.20] T-ara Collab Cafe Opens Today!


Today, T-ara Collab Cafe has opened its doors right beside TOWER RECORDS Shibuya as scheduled. As its first day of operations, many T-ara fans have made their way down here. We will like to thank everyone for their support.

We will like to introduce the photos we have on display in both the interiors and facades of the cafe. As this is a limited period special until the 5th of March (Mon) only, please give the cafe a visit while the displays are still up.

The special collaboration project with TOWER RECORDS Shibuya will begin on 23rd February (Thu), so please look forward to it.

<T-ara Collab Cafe Project>

- T-ara photo panels display

- T-ara music and music video all time play

- T-ara original menu (while stocks last)

- T-ara special coaster present (with any purchase of a drink/food/dessert item in the cafe while stocks last)

- Roly-Poly shopping bag pre-sales

- T-ara x Cafe Maduka x TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA project (Paying customers of T-ara Collab Cafe will receive a Roly-Poly lucky draw coupon and one item of T-ara original goods when pre-ordering Roly-Poly at the Shibuya or Shinjuku branch of TOWER RECORDS)




Please look forward to the next Roly-Poly NEWS


Source: http://www.t-ara-official.com/

Translated by: aspenx@Diadem

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