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[12.04.28] Video HD - T-ara Wildroses Advert


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Hahaha, Unnie, you're so cute, funny and pretty...Escpecially are the first and second video. Thank for sharing me.

Always keep your smile like that, unnie and be strong. Whatever you do, I'll always support every time. Wish your first Japanese studio album'll be sold over 1,000,000 copies in short time. Fighting T-ara !!!! You can do anything. I believe in that.

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The first video is EPIC !!! I can't stop laughing !!!

Hwayoung with the rake + Hyomin as granny (her expression was epic) + Hwayoung's reaction is priceless + Soyeon with her baby + catwomen + Jiyeon with the eagle ...

This commercial is seriously epic. WILDO ROZE ~~

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hahaha I can't stop watching it, so catchy!! waildeu reouseu~

Hwayoung giggled a little while looking at granny Hyomin :D

If the eagle was true, I bet my Jiyeon is still not afraid of it (the eagle is a graphic effect only :D )

Hyomin's manly moves 0.20 first vid :D

Eunjung's eyes hahaha

Boram's pouty lips :3

Soyeon's beauty shines

and again my Jiyeon! so cute and pretty :3

they all wear it nicely and beautiful

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