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[12.07.19] Video - T-ara's greeting to Malaysian fans and showcase promotion


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Seriuosly !!!


I will do a countdown starting from now !!!

T-ara let's meet at PGRM HALL !!

can't go to airport . coz i'm working !!! shis!

love u girls finally i got to meet t-ara in personal . haha !!!

you know when they go/come to klia?

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gosh..i'm gonna explode just know..huhu..jealous. . .jealous. . .

i wish i can go there too..they are coming to my country but still i can't go there..

that day is a study time..have class to attend..no matter what those who are lucky to attend please welcome t-ara with the biggest smile n care..t-ara hwaiting..

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My sister keeps telling me to go because she knows how much I love T-ARA but I'm like so broke right now and I don't know if I'll have enough money to buy tickets before they sell out which will most definitely happen :D But I'm so excited that they'll be coming down here soon! <3

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